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APM Test

APM Test: Actions Per Minute Game.

Got the idea of what we’re gonna talk about? Not really? Let’s discuss this in detail. APM test or action per minute test refers to the number of actions a gamer takes in a certain game. The actions were taken by the players matter the most in most of the games specifically in the fighting the games. And in such games, you can’t take part in practice or experience. You need to do some homework before being a part of any such game. Its examples include Warcraft and StarCraft.
The only thing to master the APM tester is to practice as much as you can. And to align the reflexes according to the situation as well.
APM gaming test analyses how quick the gamer is at making a decision and hitting the target right. Cutting long story short, the APM speed test is the process to practice the actions and the activity to master the game before the game.

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How Is APM Calculated?

APM can be calculated very easily. It totally depends on the time you’re using. For example, if you have the actions done in one minute, it’s simply the APM game of that gamer. But if the span is larger than a minute, then what you need to do, to figure out Action per Minute is just divide the minutes by the number of actions taken and you’ll have the Actions per Minute. And this is referred to as real-time calculation.

Another method is also there named game time calculation. And the name tells that this is related to the speed of the game.

How To Take The APM Test Online?

You wanna know how eligible and skilled you’re at taking actions in a short time, you need to have an Action per minute test. To take the APM test online you need to consider the succeeding steps:

  • First of all, move to the top to start the APM Test.
  • After clicking it, what you’ll see is to select the level or stage of the game you wanna play at.
  • If you’re a newbie go with the slow step, and if you’re at a pro-level you may select the level you’re comfortable with.
  • Once you select the level of the game, a blue spot appears on your screen. And what you’re gonna do is to hit that mark before it disappears.
  • Here’s the reason for selecting the appropriate level of the game according to the practice and skill you have.
  • For the initial level marks vanish after some time, and for hard levels, the blue spots disappear very quickly.
  • When you hit the spot you’re given a reward or score, and when you can’t reach that mark you’re given nothing.
  • So the record is maintained about how many effective actions you took time, and the APM counter gives you the results.

High And Low Action Per Minute.

  • Low action per minute, as the title sounds, stand for the performance of a person who can’t play that well. In this category, there’re generally beginners who don’t know how to score extraordinary due to lack of practice. It may have a value roundabout 50 APM.
  • While the high action per minute speaks for the highest actions done in a minute by the pro players of the game. They become professional due to their practice and consistency for sure. Their result is somewhere 400 APM per minute, and it’s a huge result for sure.

Why is Higher APM Important?

1. Improves Accuracy.

Higher APM means that you’re playing nicely. This improves the precision of your game. While playing a fighting game or clicker game you need to be alert all the time as the enemy can invade from any side. So when you’ll be attentive and have an eye on everything, you’ll get a higher APM. You can also increase your accuracy by using the mouse accuracy test.

2. Improves Reaction Time.

In fighting games, it is the most concerning thing how and when you react. This reaction is also taken as your defense. If you do it timely, you save yourself from harm.

3. Reduces Redundant Actions.

When you’re new to the gaming domain, you take everyone as an opponent and attack but with time, practice and experience, you get to know about your real rival and also the way and the time to attack. This improves your APM also.

What Factors Are Important in an APM Test?

Several factors are primary to consider while doing the APM Test. These include:

  • In the APM gaming test, the actions are not important. The thing is how much effective actions are taken by the users. It is also termed efficiency in the work of the gamer.
  • Another vital factor in APM testing is accuracy. This involves the timely hitting of the target and getting scores. It is achieved, of course, with experience.
  • Spamming is relevant to accuracy. It comprises the actions taken by the person for the sake of practice. The actions can be effective or useless.
  • Increase your mouse clicking speed by using the clicker counter.

Awesome Facts About Tools.

Our actions per minute tracker are supportive to the gamers as it records the actions and lets the gamers know about their performance on the spot. For the users, it’s easy to evaluate their work.

What Is The Purpose of Our Tool?

The sole purpose of the tool designed by us is to keep the users and the gamers aware of their achievements and performances. There’s a complete record of gamers who do the APM tracker on our website. It makes them realize the areas they need to work on and also the good work done by them.

The gamers also get to know the real competitors and also motivate themselves to work harder and get the best results.

Why Is Our Tool Recommended?

Our tool is recommended the most because it is handy to use, and the users get deep insights about their progress and their failures in comparison to the other competitors. So its major contribution is that it keeps you motivated and aware of your work and others as well.

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Recommended Games For AMP Test.

There’re several fighting games online that you play, and for securing great results in those games, you need to practice first. And the gamers practice for such games by playing tests like this. These games include StarCraft, Minecraft, etc.  


The APM practice game is the practice you do before any proper game. It can be considered as a warm-up before playing games with friends. It helps you to be on track and be motivated and competing as well. The main factors include accuracy, practice, and time you give to this test play a major role to become professional in the gaming sphere.