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Auto Key Presser

Imagine working on your laptop or PC without a keyboard. Is that even possible? Clearly no. Keyboard use is obligatory while working on a PC or laptop. All typing, clicking, gaming, and a variety of other tasks necessitate the use of a keyboard.


In a programming language, keyboard buttons are referred to as keys. For different tasks such as in games, we have to click swiftly. Auto key presser or keyboard clicker assists us in performing such tasks through rapid clicking.

What is Auto Key Presser?

Users can get bored by constantly clicking the same key at the same position. Isn’t it annoying? Autokey presser or automatic keyboard clicker is used to press keyboard buttons automatically and hurriedly. You can customize hotkeys at desired locations to produce a burst of auto key pressing. The best thing about these auto presser tools is that they are simple to use, easy to understand, and cost-free to install. Don’t doubt the efficiency of the tool as they provide 100% accurate results. These tools left no inadequacy to facilitate their users.

Usage of Automatic Key Presser Tool:

It is not challenging to understand the working of the auto key presser but trouble-free. I have jotted down some uncomplicated steps. Do strictly follow them to know how it works.

Step 1: Download the auto keyboard file by clicking on it.

Step 2: When the file will download, install it as the installation setup will also display on your screen.

Step 3: Open the key presser tool by double-clicking on it when it will download.

Step 4: After opening it, a new interface will appear having two key selection options. One is the single key selection, and the other is the combination of many keys.

Step 5: You will have to automate the key to start or stop the key pressing once you select it.

Step 6: There are several configuration options too. Such as you can customize the gap time between the keys. You can configure time either in seconds, milliseconds, or nanoseconds as per your choice.

Step 7: Second configuration that needs to be done is the time of clicking. Set the number of times you want the key to be pressed. Set 0 if you want infinite key pressing.

Step 8: Now, you are all set to use it. There are several other configuration options too. To see the fascinating result of this tool, open your favorite game and play with the help of keyboard auto pressers.

Advantages of Auto Key Presser? How Does It Help You?

An autokey presser tool is an indispensable tool for frequent users. Let’s see how it serves them and others.

  • The procedure to learn its work and its use are as simple as falling off a log.
  • You can work on some other tap or can open some other window while it will run in the background without interrupting you. This quality needs appreciation as it does not demand your concentration and provides you accurate results too.
  • It provides you with both the required and an infinite key press.
  • This auto button pusher software is customizable. The runner can configure the number of keys and time between the keys etc as per choice.
  • These tools do not require any extra window to operate.
  • They are not only cost free to download and install but also virus free and safe to use.
  • Here I will spill the tea on some auto keyboard clicks that are recommended and you should give them a try.

List of Best Auto Key Presser?

Here is the list of best auto key presser tools:

  • Auto Keyboard Presser.
  • Auto Button Presser.
  • Auto Keyboard Presser.
  • Auto Keyboard By Murgee.
  • Auto Keyboard 9.0.
  • Robosoft Key Presser.
  • Macro Toolworks.

1. Auto Keyboard Presser:

Autosofted Auto Keyboard Presser V1.9


Autosofted auto keyboard presser version 1.9 is compatible with hotkeys. This software makes you able to control the keys you are pressing or you want to press.


  • A vast memory to store unlimited numbers of auto keystrokes.
  • Allow configuration of time between the keys pressing.
  • The ‘Edit Script” option is available which offers more function.
    Autosofted Auto Keyboard Presser V1.9 Script Editor
  • The pause between key pressing can be low to 10 milliseconds.
  • You can save scripts.
  • All the keys that are pressed can be stored.
  • Can be run while you are working on some other tab.
  • Different versions are available.
  • The shortcut key can be programmed.
  • Free to use for 30 days.
  • Easy to understand interface.


  • Choose start hotkey and then click set.
  • Then, go for a Play hotkey and click set again.
  • Then press selected hotkey.
  • Do as many presses as you want, and after that press the stop hotkey to stop.


  • Relieves workload.
  • Saves time.
  • Swift automation.


  • The only demerit of all auto key pressers is that they affect your typing speed. When you prefer an auto button presser instead of self-pressing, you get relief from exhausting fingers but your typing speed decreases.

2. Auto Key Presser:

Auto Key Presser 0.0.7


Auto button presser is also known as an auto key presser. This tool automates the task by pressing the keys repeatedly as per instructions. It saves users from getting bored by pressing the clicks through automation.


  • Its latest version is 0.0.7.
  • Free to download.
  • Auto key clicker in Windows 7,8,10, and 11 is applicable.
  • Can be configured by users as per their choice.
  • Occupy very short space in RAM.
  • Time intervals can be set.


  • To start this tool is the same as an autosofted keyboard presser.
  • It starts with start hotkey, run with play hotkey, and stop with stop hotkey. The rest options such as the number of clicks and time between the presses can be configured.
  • It automates the user’s require task and provides the user with the required key presses.


  • Save users time by performing their tasks by themselves.
  • Extra lightweight and straightforward.
  • Helps you in solving and completing your task.


  • It affects typing speed of the user.

3. Auto Keyboard by Murgee:

Auto Keyboard by MurGee


This keyboard tapper software also provides the services of pressing a single key multiple times. Any key such as the spacebar, arrow keys, backspace or enter keys can be emulated by using this tool. For example, if you are a gamer, it will be difficult for you to click continuously with several other tasks to be performed. Auto keyboard presser is here to assist you in this regard.


  • This tool is free to use for some time.
  • Once you use that limit, you can buy a premium for only 6.54 dollars and use this for 3 months.
  • Both single and dual keys are available.
  • You don’t need to buy paid version as the trial version is for an unlimited time.


  • To use this automated software, download it by clicking on the download button.
  • Then, install it and select the key you want to automate from the screen of the software. These keys will be available in the dropdown box.
  • Then press the key you want to automate and click on the assign button. In this tool, the F1 key is used as the start/stop hotkey.
  • Like other tools, you can configure the number of clicks or can set it to infinite clicks.
  • As discussed earlier, press the F1 start/stop hotkey to stop the automation.


  • Stimulate keypress event.
  • Saves your energy by preventing you from continuously clicking.


  • Your gaming skill will get affected as you are not clicking by yourself but with the help of automatic key pressers. You will be at risk of losing the game if you will play without an auto keyboard presser.

4. Auto Keyboard 9.0:

Auto Keyboard 9.0


Auto keyboard 9.0 can aid you when you have numerous tasks of repetitive pressing of the same keys. This software imitates keyboard keystrokes. Once you enter a keystroke, it will produce many such keystrokes. This tool is more advanced than all others.


  • Different versions are available such as auto keyboard 1.3, 1.6, and 10.0.
  • Easy to handle as the interface is user-friendly.
  • Customization availability.
  • This tool records every single press and other screen actions.


  • This tool works the same as other tools.
  • There are more configuration options available as it is more advanced software.


  • Helps to perform tasks such as data entry.
  • This tool act as a great supporter of gamers as it helps them in auto pressing.
  • Games that include spinning a wheel or opening boxes multiple times can easily be automated by a keyboard key auto clicker.
  • Save both time and energy.

5. Robotsoft Key Presser:

Robotsoft Key Presser


Robotsoft autokey presser has a user-friendly interface that can press any desired keys automatically until the user wants to stop it. The question is why the user wants to click single key multiple times? Many games require holding the same key continuously due to which fingers can get exhausted and tired. Robotsoft key presser is here to fix this problem. The number of pressing the key is decided by the user.


  • Generate burst of key press.
  • Can be started or stopped at any moment using hotkeys.
  • Configuration availability.
  • Can be operated at all windows such as 7,8 and 10 etc.
  • Offers maximum customization.
  • Single key presser.
  • Error-free.
  • Can hold a key continuously or according to the user’s selected time.


  • This tool has a trial version which is free of cost. Play with it and then decide.
  • It starts and stops with hotkeys.
  • You can custom clicking numbers as per your will or set it unlimited.


  • Helps gamers in gaming.
  • Save fingers from getting tired.
  • The task is done more rapidly due to swift key pressing.

6. Macro Toolworks:

Macro Toolworks - Auto Key Presser


This automation software, likewise other software, automates any key to perform repetitive tasks for users.


  • 300+ macro commands for manipulation.
  • It uses macro triggers to swiftly run macros.
  • It records all your macros.
  • Share availability, you can share it with your friends for fun.
  • Multiple languages availability.
  • Importing or exporting macro files is also available.
  • Compatible with other windows.


  • Ctrl +F1 is used as start and stop hotkeys.
  • The rest configuration is need to be done as per user requirements before using this tool.


  • Automate user’s repetitive tasks.
  • Provides you accurate results with 100% efficiency.


The use of this software revolves around gamers as they need expeditious clicking. Why do they need rapid clicking? Many games such as PUBG need instant clicking to kill their enemy at the moment, and any delay in this can be alarming for gamers. Key auto pressers assist users to perform better in such situations by providing them a burst of key pressing at the required area. Similarly, Roblox also encircles the use of the same key continuously. Isn’t it boring? Using auto key press software for such purposes can prove valuable. Remember, Roblox does not allow the use of any kind of software to play this game. Ensure you are playing key presser Roblox safely and offline and can get banned otherwise.


Not only gaming, but some other office and personal tasks also require key pressing at specific areas, especially the spacebar. There is so much else to do in life instead of clicking a key continuously. The question is how to solve this misery? Auto keyboard clickers are here to solve this.

Automatic Keyboard Presser For Games:

There is no doubt in this fact that auto key presses are made for gamers. Gamers are benefiting from key presser’s services in multiple ways.


Firstly, they don’t need to fret about the quality and efficiency of the game as it provides guaranteed results and maximizes the chance of winning.


Secondly, they save their fingers from getting tired and exhausted.


Thirdly, the user can also focus on other primary tasks while running auto key pressers in the background. Do you know which features attract users to use them? A user-friendly and easy-to-get interface of keyboard auto clicker facilitates them.


It is very unchallenging to use the key auto presser. Read the above-mentioned procedure carefully to know how to operate them. Download and install the fast key presser. Then click on “how to install additional files”. Follow the recommended procedure, customize the key presser according to requirement and you are ready to use it with the help of start and stop hotkeys.


It’s time now to wrap up the auto key clicker debate with a conclusion. There is no denying that the auto key clicker keyboard is a generous tool to perform repetitive tasks. This software is applicable for both office and gaming use if you want to get rid of the tedious work of clicking at a single location.


If you are sure about the importance of key auto presser, it’s time to use them. Install auto clicker for keyboard buttons, customize it by selecting the number of presses and time between presses and you are ready to go. Make sure to check the legitimacy before using this tool online. You need to do it because many websites and games don’t allow the interference of third-party software and ban the users such as clicking websites. Make sure it’s safe to use.


How Should I Download An Auto Key Presser?

Various service providers offer their services, you can plump for anyone. Download this cost-free tool. After downloading, install it and do other required settings to use.

What Are the Disadvantages of an Auto Key Presser?

As everything has two sides, key auto presses also have some demerits. Some auto key presser do not allow the user to do another task while playing the key auto presser in the background. Some auto clicker keys even also do not allow scheduled records. Similarly, typing, clicking and gaming skills get affected a lot due to excessive use of this tool.

Is Using an Auto Clicker Is Illegal?

The keyboard clicker is not illegal unless you use it for illegal purposes. This is safe, legal, and virus free to use.

How Can I Start the Auto Key Presser?

There are specific hotkeys for specific functions. For instance, in many auto keyboard pressers fast, the F1 key is used as a start/stop hotkey. You can use the built-in start and stop key or can also customize any other keyboard key to start/stop and other functions.

Is the Auto Key Presser Free to Use?

YES, auto key pressers are free to use. Anyone who has an internet facility, can download it and use it. Some key clicker tools provide you a free trial for some time and then demand from users to buy their paid version. But some tools are lifetime free to use.

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