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Double Click Test:

Let’s have a brief look at double clicking before the double-clicking test. Double-clicking is defined as clicking with the mouse of a PC or laptop double time at one time without changing the position of the mouse. Double-clicking is applicable in different working. For instance, we double click when we want to open any folder or file. Similarly, to highlight or select any text, we clicked double.


The double click test, also known as the mouse double click test, lets the users know of the speed of double-clicking the mouse, i.e., how fast their mouse can double click. The double click mouse test notifies the users about their speed of clicking. We are glad to announce that measuring double clicks through this test is very unchallenging and trouble-free.


Although this test apprises users of their clicking speed, you can measure your clicking speed by using some other clicking tools too. Different click Speed Tests are available to check out the clicking speed.

How Does The Mouse Double Click Test Work?

A user-friendly interface and procedure do not burden the users in checking the double click of the mouse. Carry out the steps as mentioned below to test mouse double clicks:

  • Navigate to the double click mouse test page of the website.
  • An interface of purple color will welcome the users.
  • There will be three separate boxes, Left, Middle, and Right. When the user left clicked, it is logged into the left box. The same will be the case with the right and middleboxes.
  • When you are ready to start the challenge, click on “Click Here.”
  • Do double click as much as possible for you. These clicks will count and appear in the resulting chamber under the heading count. These clicks will count as double clicks only if the difference between two clicks is higher than 80 milliseconds. If no click appears in the double click-box, it means either there is a problem in the mouse, or you are inefficient to double click or your mouse sensitivity is very low.
  • Notably, this tool does not have a timer to end clicking. It will show the results until the user clicks.
  • Total clicks appear as “count”, double clicks are appeared as “double clicks”, and “status” displays either OK or failed depending on the result.
  • When you play the game once and want to run it again, click on reset. The challenge will again start from zero then.

Why Do We Need This Test?

If you are a gamer, then you will familiar with how worthy it is to have a phenomenal gaming mouse. What if you buy a defective gaming mouse? You will face it in the form of unwanted results. You can check the sensitivity of the mouse, and either mouse is capable of double clicking or not through a double click mouse test while buying.


Similarly, this test also boosts your clicking. Are you surprised how? Simple, when you click swiftly to have a double click test, you get better at clicking. It means you can kill two birds with one stone.

Why Your Mouse Is Double-Clicking? What Is the Reason Behind It?

A mouse can click double even when you click a single time because of the following four reasons.

1. Defective Mouse:

A worn-out mouse can detect a single click as a double click because of a fault in the circuit board. How can a faulty mouse give you accurate results? Carry out a mouse accuracy test to check the efficiency of your mouse.

2. The Wireless Signal Interference Might Be the Trigger:

Sometimes, wireless mouse’s signals butt in wireless receiver’s signals. This can also lead to improper working and of course inaccurate results.

3. Dirty Mouse Issue:

Dust particles trapped inside your mouse are the root reason for the double click when you click a single time. Avoid keeping your mouse in a dirty area because it leads to inappropriate results.

4. Double-Click Speed Set Too Low:

If the mouse clicker mistakenly adjusts the main setting menu low, it will automatically lead to double click even the users click once. To overcome this, readjust the setting and remove the double click set too low.

How To Fix Unwanted Double Clicks?

If you got all the above-mentioned problems, then you can sort out this tangle yourself.

  • A defective mouse should be replaced with a proper mouse if you want to get rid of double click hassle.
  • Check the double click speed setting of your mouse, and make sure it is not low. If it is, then adjust it to normal.
  • Clean your mouse thoroughly and make sure no dust particles are left behind.
  • If you fail to fix the problem yourself, hire a hardware professional to tackle this problem.
  • Solving this double clicking issue is vital as things can messy because of this single issue. Files and icons can open on their own even you click one time on them.

List of Mouse Double Clicking Games:

Different games include mouse double clicking. These games are listed below:

  • PUBG
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • Mouse double click test Minecraft PVP
  • Day Z
  • Call of duty

These are the games in which players clicked 2X to get better scores. If you are a pro gamer, you will know that such games are played by gaming mouse to get impressive results. There are two types of mouse, a standard mouse, and a gaming mouse.


The standard mouse does not have any special features and a regular mouse that we normally use. While gaming mice are designed specially to smash the old records of clicking and gaming.


They have special features that help users to get better at scores.
Razer Death Adder V2 and Razer Basilisk V2 are recommended as fine mice.


Although mouse clicking speed (click test) can be tested by kohi test or others click speed test, mouse double click test tells more accurately of clicking speed of the mouse. Furthermore, it also helps in enhancing clicking speed. You can also call it a fun challenge or game and share it with your friends and compete with them. This test is also uncomplicated to run. It is suggested to carry out this test and mouse accuracy test after regular intervals of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Tips For Increasing The Speed Of Clicks?

Sit on a smooth surface, relax your muscles, be focused, and have a good grip on the mouse while playing. Also, play with a gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse. Thirdly, practice can unlock the treasure of success. Do practice it as much as you can if you wholeheartedly want to achieve the fastest clicking speed.

What Is The Difference Between CPS And Kohi Tests?

Both are clicking test and give results in the same form. The only difference is that the kohi test was introduced first on the Minecraft server, and CPS tests were designed later.

Is It Significant To Measure The Mouse Clicking Speed?

YES, it is. You should aware of your clicking speed. If you are a gamer, then you should be.

The answer is a big yes. People like to play these brainbashers games as they are anti-stress, treat hyperactivity disorders and increase clicking speed. People not only like to play but also play wholeheartedly and try to set a new record, as recorded by data.

Is There Any Practical Application Of The Click Test?

Yes, people get better at clicking through these clicking tools and then win games battles when they improve their clicking speed. Gamers get benefit from these clicking tools.

IsTthe Mouse Double Click Test Safe?

Yes, the mouse double click test I safe to use. You don’t need to worry about the personal data of the device. It will safe. This online tool only lets you know about your mouse accuracy regarding double click.