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How Many Times Can You Click in 1 Minute?

How many times can you click in 1 minute?

60 Seconds CPS Test:

1 minute click challenge is a click speed test that unfolds the number of mouse clicks in 1 minute. In other words, this test lets you know how many times you can click your mouse in 1 minute. Through this clicking challenge, the player can also find their click per second. It is performed by dividing the total number of clicks by 60.

As this test notifies about the number of click in 1 minute, users have to click continuously for one minute. Click for 1 minute can be challenging, laborious, and fingers can get exhausted. Recorded data research shows, that 70% of the players got distracted when tapping the mouse for 60 seconds, as the time frame increased.

Why Do People Use Click Per Minute Speed Tests?

People mostly used this 60 seconds click challenge to enhance their clicking speed, so they can smash the previous clicking records. Secondly, many people accept this test as a fun challenge and share it with their friends to beat them. Thirdly, people get rid of stress when clicking swiftly on the screen with a mouse or a finger. Fourthly, clicking for a long time can treat hyperactive disorder when they click for a longer time. Fifthly, people throw away the hassle of starting the challenge repeatedly due to a longer time.

What Is The World Record Of Clicking In 1 Minute?

The clicks per minute world record is 582 clicks which is phenomenal. If we derive the CPS score from this record, it will be 9.7 clicks. A non-gamer and unprofessional can also make 8 to 9 clicks in one minute but considering clicking for 60-seconds is a marvelous job.

What Is The Average Clicking Speed In Clicks Per Minute?

A normal person on average can make 5 to 7 average clicks per minute. A normal person means one who is neither a clicking professional nor a gamer. But following some clicking techniques can make you get better scores in the click speed test 1 minute. Let’s see those tips.

Playing Tricks For 60 Seconds:

1. Use Mouse Pad:

Clicking without a mouse pad can lead to nothing but plain boring results. Use a mouse pad to get satisfactory results.

2. Gaming Mouse:

You are caught in a big blunder if you use a regular mouse for clicking. Use a gaming mouse to get smooth and fastest clicking speed in this right-click speed test. You will get peak results by using a gaming and an ergonomic mouse. These are made especially for such purposes. Markets are full of such gaming mouse, and also a regular mouse will be out of order if you make clicking bursts with it.

3. Clicking Techniques:

Different clicking techniques such as drag clicking, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, auto clicking, etc assist the user in getting favorable results. Also learning these techniques does not involve any rocket science. You will unchallengingly get to know how to practice these techniques. These clicking techniques will encourage more click per minute.

4. Positioning Your Hands:

Maintain your posture and stay calm while clicking. Sit on a smooth surface and peaceful environment to avoid distractions. Make high pressure on the mouse with a loose grip. It will increase the bouncing time. The increased bouncing time will grant you the fastest clicking speed.

5. Maximum Practice:

If I will tell you a secret tip to boost your clicking speed, it is practice. Not only in clicking but if you want to be a master of anything, practice it. A famous quote, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Do practice as much as you can. It is the top-notch secret behind smashing and building records. Play this challenge regularly and how many times can you click in a minute.

6. Play Games:

As many games such as PUBG, Osu, FPS Test, and another clicking test such as kohi click test involve clicking. So, playing such games also aids in adding to clicking.

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