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Ultimate Guide: How To Do Butterfly Clicking in [2023]

How to Butterfly Click

Gamers frequently ponder how one may click quickly and repeatedly to outplay an opponent and set a record. If you’re looking for it, you’ll be glad to know that several clicking strategies enable people to click more quickly than ever before.

Any clicking task, including the CPS test and Kohi click test, can be solved using these clicking strategies. These methods are challenging for players to master, but once they do, nothing can stop them from winning battles.

The various clicking techniques include jitter, drag, butterfly clicking, etc. Here, we’ll examine butterfly clicking in its entirety.

What Is Butterfly Clicking?

Butterfly clicking was developed by the gaming industry to increase clicks per second. Butterfly clicking is alternatively pressing the mouse button with two fingers placed over its top. The center and index fingers are used for this clicking to create additional clicks.


This technique is more reliable than the jitter-click test because it does not injure you. Other modes may have the potential to cause harm.

Preparing For Butterfly Clicking

Practice is the key to mastering this technique; the greater you rehearse this, the more expert you get. These clicking methods are widely employed in Minecraft video games to speed up level completion or opponent defeat. The user’s two fingers are used to perform butterfly clicks. The middle finger and index finger make up the one. Users press the mouse with these fingers and hit as quickly as possible.


Even though the phrase sounds attractive, it takes a lot of practice to become competent in this clicking technique.

How To Run A Butterfly Click Challenge?

To learn how to butterfly click and aim it, read the following procedure carefully and practice similarly.

  • Click the “Click Here to Start” button to initiate the exam.
  • As soon as you press this button, the timer will run.
  • Click as many times as you like in those 10 seconds. Keep your attention sharp at all times.
  • The countdown will expire after 10 seconds. You won’t be able to tap anymore.
  • Your position will be displayed to you. Your click-per-second score will determine your rank. You will move up in rank as you produce higher cps.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get a satisfying score on the first attempt, instead click on the restart to play again and keep trying.

We also have a butterfly click test tool. You can challenge yourself by taking a test.

Practicing Butterfly Clicking:

Any expert will tell you to practice if you ask them how to get better at butterfly clicking. The adage “practice makes a man perfect” is well known. However, keep in mind that you need to practice. To aim a butterfly click, keep the following things in front.

1. CPS Test:

You must be practical instead of relying just on theory if you want to become an expert in this clicking technique, butterfly clicking.


You may perform a click test on a large variety of sites online. Rehearse the butterfly clicking there and if you do this consistently, you will notice a difference. You will benefit from playing again and trying click tests with various time durations.


The ideal click test duration for practice is 10 seconds because it is neither too short to play repeatedly nor too long to get tired. You can improve at clicking a lot with the aid of these tests.

2. Prevent Lagging:

There should be no lag when clicking butterfly. The optimum technique is to alternately move each finger at a constant speed. Your fingers should click at a 1:1 ratio.

3. Keep Your Fingertips Clean:

It is exhausting to click butterflies, especially when you first start. It’s essential to keep your fingers under a fair amount of pressure. The mice will vibrate if one pointer finger is applied more forcefully than the other, slowing down computer processing speed and wearing out the hands.

4. Give Your Palms A Firm Grip:

When fingers are actively working, support them by maintaining a firm hold over your mouse. Along with improved clicking, your aiming skills will also significantly improve.

5. Double-Clicking Mouse Test:

Let’s be clear that clicking two times at once is known as a double click, and we do it when we want to open any folder. Double-click tests are available to evaluate how quickly you can click twice on your mouse. But you can also take this exam to improve your clicking skills.

Is Butterfly Click Allowed?

After learning what butterfly clicking is, let’s know if this too is allowed legally or not. The practice of butterfly clicking still seems to be debatable. Even while it is not prohibited or outlawed, performing it too successfully can get you disqualified from online games.


Actually, the servers won’t distinguish between auto-clicking and this technique, butterfly clicking.


In other words, if a person is skilled at this, it’s indeed mistaken for auto-clicking.

Why Is Butterfly Clicking Preferable To Jitter?

Butterfly clicking is superior to jitter in numerous ways, let us explain that all.


Butterfly clicking employs the use of two fingers as opposed to jitter clicking, which demands repeatedly banging the mouse button with the index finger.


The figures can therefore quadruple in butterfly clicking if there are 8 to 9 clicks per second while jittering.


Moreover, jitter clicking places all of the strain on the index finger which can cause forearm pain and swollen joints. Butterfly clicking, on the other hand, distributes the force evenly among two fingers, which will help to stabilize the arm and make it more gripping.


Butterfly clicking delivers a stable location for the mouse as opposed to a jitter. Users find it challenging to shift and target at once in jittering.

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking:

After learning butterfly clicking, let’s examine the best mouse this hour. You are wrong if you think you can butterfly click on any mouse.

1. Razer Naga Trinity – The Best of the Bunch:

This mouse comes at the top of the list of the best butterfly clicking mouse.


To ensure that everything is going as planned, set the mouse buttons to emit audio feedback for each click. Another top-notch feature of this mouse is that all buttons can be rearranged to suit your preferences.

2. Glorious Model O – Lightweight and Stylish:

The Glorious Model O is one of the most adored mice. It is built for long-lasting convenience during gaming and is brimming with customizable features.


The top-notch feature of this mouse is its size which distinguishes it from other mice. It has full-size, so, the size of your hand does not matter either.

Alternative Clicking Techniques:

There are a lot of ways to increase mouse clicking speed. Other clicking techniques than butterfly include jitter clicking, drag clicking, and CPS test, etc.

1. Jitter Clicking:

Jitter Clicking lets you interact with the game by moving your arms violently. It involves forcing your hands into a position where they begin to vibrate, then using that vibration to push the keys more quickly.


Here, you don’t need to move your finger tendons; instead, you tension your arm to create a powerful wave that extends all the way to your fingertips. Only your fingers should touch the surface beneath the mouse in order to maximize the result of jitter-clicking. Keep in mind that practice will help you become a master of this method.

2. Drag Clicking:

By using the drag-clicking method, firmly drag fingers to simulate many clicks. The mouse captures the movement as clicks despite if you are moving your palm from the base to the top portion of your mouse, recording numerous clicks rather than just one. This technique is also known as tap clicking or Fazer tapping.


Most significantly, practice and the mouse has a higher tolerance for drag clicking than the others. To perfect the technique, grip the mouse normally while placing your middle and pointer fingers on the surface of the mouse.

3. Taking Multiple CPS Tests:

You will benefit from playing again and trying click tests with various time durations. The ideal click test duration for practice is 10 seconds because it is neither too short to play repeatedly nor too long to get tired. You can improve at clicking a lot with the aid of these tests.


In conclusion, we must state that the butterfly clicking technique is the most effective and cleanest of all clicking methods. It doesn’t physically hurt you like jitter clicking or strain your muscles like drag clicking.


Moreover, it yields twice as many results as other clicking methods. But, mastering this method does need a lot of effort, practice, and energy. But it does not mean one cannot ace it, follow the proper technique, practice regularly, and use a handy mouse, and you are good to go.

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