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How To Drag Click On Any Mouse.

When playing a game, everyone seeks efficiency, accuracy, and tap on time. Many gamers apply multiple clicking methods to win games against opponents. Most players employ numerous strategies, including drag clicking test, butterfly clicking, and jitter clicking, to excel in competition.
Do you want to learn further drag-clicking? In order to understand this drag-clicking method better, keep reading.

What is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking refers to swiftly clicking a mouse button by dragging the finger across the mouse from top to down. Users have to move their fingers once to produce numerous clicks, and you won’t experience any strain or pressure. The mouse will record many clicks when you drag your finger from one spot to another. Tap clicking and Fazer tapping are other common names for drag clicking method. It is crucial in shooting games and games like Minecraft.


How can drag-clicking raise CPS? When users drag a click, the finger’s rapid movement causes friction between the button of the mouse and the skin. The friction causes the mouse switch to detect vibrations that create many more clicks. Friction causes dragging, so ensure your fingertips are dry to get the work done. Experts use tape over their mice to increase friction and make it easier to recall where to place the fingers when dragging.


If you’re practicing the drag-click technique, remember it can take longer to master. Despite the slow process, you might feel inspired as you watch the mouse follow your clicks.

How To Prepare For Drag Clicking?

How to know if your mouse can drag click? Carry out the test to know. Although mastering the art of dragging takes plenty of patience and effort, understanding how the mouse buttons function and modifying your approach is essential. You should perform these steps prior to drag-clicking.

1. Clear The Surface Of The Mouse:

Mouse’s surface picks up sweat and grime after hours of playing. Cleaning the surface of the mouse is therefore necessary before using it in order to generate sufficient friction between mouse fingers.


It makes your finger slides more fluid and makes it easier for you to drag and click. For cleaning, use a lint-free cloth, ethanol wipes, or a soft toothbrush. Once the mouse’s entire surface has been properly cleaned with 70 % alcohol, let it dry.

2. Clean Your Hand:

To prevent your finger from slipping, wipe your hand. Tape the mouse button if your fingers sweat a lot when playing video games. This trick is used if the mouse lacks sufficient friction.

3. Put A Hand On The Mouse:

Put your hand on the mouse so that your little finger and ring finger should assist the mouse from the right while your thumb from the left side. Place your index finger on the left button while the middle finger is on the right side.


You can now click and drag after finishing that.

How to Drag Click:

Read the below procedure carefully if you want to know how to drag click.

  • Press the button down while flicking the wrist at an inclination to drag the mouse. Too much pressure will make the motion ineffective. Allow your finger to drift toward the front while you click lightly.
  • Drag click with any mouse. You can choose to drag all the way or stop at the center of the mouse button, based on the number of clicks you would like to obtain.
  • Gravity force pulls the mouse down in drag click because you are performing this action on a button. Drag clicking causes friction to continuously push the button as it will instantly rebound after being depressed.
  • If you succeed in doing it correctly, the mouse will make a grinding sound. Moreover, you’ll detect vibration beneath your finger.
  • Drag clicking only functions when the complete procedure is repeated, and you can achieve greater CPS, more than 32.

Benefits of Drag Clicking:

1. Competitive Benefit:

Drag-clicking may have many effects in video games such as Minecraft, PUBG, and Fortnite. You can reach quite near the professional gaming industry’s CPS of 7 if you follow dragging the mouse.

2. Make Sure Your Clicks Are Recorded:

The best approach to ensure whether clicks are recorded would be to drag them, particularly if your mouse is having trouble reacting to other activities. Drag clicks ensure that each and every click is recorded.

3. Secure To Use:

This clicking method does not hurt your arm as other fast clicking methods do. No matter how often you practice this method, it is secure and does not cause you pain.

4. Simple To Learn:

Drag-clicking is effortless for newcomers to pick up. Tap the button, shift it to an entirely different spot, and then release it to generate plenty of clicks.

Tips for Improving Drag Clicking:

Although drag clicking is explained above, the following advice will help you quickly become an expert at drag-clicking.

1. Clear Up Your Mouse Surface:

Make sure the entire mouse surface is clean before beginning to drag-click. Your productivity may suffer if the mouse’s surface is covered in dust or filth. Clean the mouse’s surface with a paper towel or damp cloth.

2. Hand Posture and Mobility:

Ensure that you have a secure grasp on the mouse. Keep your index and middle fingers on the left side of the mouse, and your pinky and ring finger on the right side of the mouse. Get the ideal mouse grip by experimenting with a few different ones.

3. Proper Sitting Position:

When playing video games or working on a computer screen, maintaining excellent posture is more important than one might imagine. If you ignore this, you will experience a spine or other medical problem. Thus, find a comfy seat and sit properly.

4. Choosing the Right Mouse:

Do you know the mistake that most beginners make? Instead of a gaming mouse, they use a standard mouse to practice hyper clicking techniques or play games. Choose a gaming mouse that is durable and won’t shatter when being dragged. Remember that a large mouse won’t fit in your hand, so remember that when choosing one.

Choosing the Right Mouse for Drag Clicking:

As was previously mentioned, not all mouse support dragging. A standard mouse will not assist you in winning the game. Moreover, it shortens the mouse’s lifespan and causes early wear and tear. When purchasing a mouse for drag clicking, take particular caution. Three excellent options are listed for you.

1. Glorious Model O:

You will find this at the top of the list while searching for the best mouse.


This corded mouse is intended to simulate using a wireless version. Also, it maintains your palm cool, thanks to its durable honeycomb cover. This type is excellent for dragging in addition to being lighter and stylish. The matte variant offers precisely the correct friction level required to boost CPS. We will not advise using the glossy option for dragging since it is not successful.


ROCCAT Kone AIMO is also available on the market to give other mice a tough fight.


It was created with players who require great CPS in mind. Hence, even without employing the drag method, your efficiency still will improve. You can also alter the DPI that is absent from an ordinary mouse. It also works for dragging which can boost CPS tests even further. Moreover, ROCCAT Kone AIMO is quite robust. Nonetheless, given that it weighs 4.6 ounces, and is thicker, some more durability is anticipated.

3. Redragon M711 Cobra:

A reasonably priced mouse, Redragon M711 Cobra is the preferred choice among players. Most crucially, when using the drag approach or any other clicking such as turbo clicking, sonic clicking and lightning clicking, it fulfills the clicking speed test. You can do the feat with ease because of the smooth grip. Additionally, you have the opportunity to select from a variety of DPIs.


This mouse may be inexpensive, but it doesn’t appear to be. Bright LEDs in the layout give it a gaming appearance. The construction is also super.


The Redragon M711 Cobra mouse is a top-notch choice if you want a budget-friendly mouse.

Choosing the Right Tape for Drag Clicking:

A tape can make dragging clicking more efficient. Users can drag clicking with or without a tape but tape works as an effective sweat barrier. But what is the ideal tape for drag clicking?


You may want to think about purchasing the following options:

1. Silicone Grip Tape:

The purpose of silicone grip tape is to facilitate grasping. Users specifically need it while drag clicking. It’s unchallenging to purchase, and with ingenuity, you might modify it to match your mouse. Although it costs more than regular electrical tape, it’s also far more beneficial.

2. Razer Tape:

One of the biggest names in the gaming industry is Razer. Its tape’s reputation for being among the finest available is thus not surprising. You’ll have far better control using the Razer tape. The only demerit is that it can’t work on non-Razer models.

3. Electrical Tape:

Electrical tape is occasionally a fantastic, cost-effective fix. Find it at any nearby store. But, it is less efficient and lacks the same aesthetic appeal as a tape made especially for gaming.

Troubleshooting Drag Clicking Issues:

A user cannot drag the mouse button while playing for multiple reasons. So first of all, drag-clicking is prohibited on several websites, so players cannot drag-click there.


Another factor is that the mouse has dirt inside that prevents it from dragging. Yet, occasionally, this problem starts with a mouse that is past its prime or a window that has a technical problem. Hence, when determining why your mouse is not dragging, remember these.


Concludingly, I’d like to say that drag-clicking is your best bet if you’re genuinely trying to beat a record without using a cheat code or auto clickers. Drag clicking is the best and safest method for increasing CPS because it allows players to win games without suffering health penalties. The key to improvement is practice and perseverance. Your competitors will have no chance if you’ve got the proper mouse and playing tool; it needs some experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Single Click And A Drag Click?

Although both clicks are generated with the mouse, they have a different frequencies. A single click counts as one but plenty of clicks are produced due to a drag click. Drag clicking is used to win battles and games, and single clicks are used regularly.

How Do I Perform A Drag Click With A Touchpad?

Did you ever think that can you drag click with any mouse? The touchpad also has two buttons, left and right. To start drag-clicking, keep your index and middle finger on the left side of the touchpad. Double click, press the left button while dragging your index finger on the touchpad. When you lift your finger, numerous clicks produce.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Drag-Clicking?

Players typically sit in an uncomfortable position when playing drag-clicking, which is strongly discouraged. Several players also attempt it using a standard mouse, which reduces effectiveness and affects the mouse. Choose a gaming mouse that has tape outside to increase friction at all times.

How Can I See How Fast I Click?

To find out your click speed, follow the steps mentioned earlier. Read those steps carefully and follow them correctly. Those points are not laborious and challenging but call for passion and dedication.

Does Playing Games Also Help in Improving the Click Speed?

Yes, playing games, especially Kohi and jitter clicking, helps get better in click speed. Many other games also involve click activity. Furthermore, try regular clicking, jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, kohi clicking etc for betterment.

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