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How To Find Your Roblox Player ID Quickly On All Devices

How to find your Roblox Player ID Quickly on all Devices

Roblox is an online platform where users can play and create new games to connect with others. In the past few years, Roblox has grown significantly, ranking among the most widely used online gaming platforms worldwide. Several elements, such as Roblox’s push into mobile gaming, partnerships and collaborations, user-generated content, and social features, have contributed to its success in recent years.


In recent years, Roblox has grown in significance, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. It has offered an engaging and enjoyable platform for individuals of all ages. People have searched many methods to keep entertained and win these battles such as Roblox auto-clickers.


Roblox has created a virtual world where individuals can explore, interact, and enjoy without departing their homes because many public spaces are locked or restricted.


Second, in an era of social isolation, Roblox has contributed to the development of a sense of community. Roblox has created a means for users to get in touch with one another and make new acquaintances because many people feel alone and unconnected.


Thirdly, Roblox has given users a platform for creative and artistic expression. Users of Roblox have been able to share their interests with others and display their ingenuity by designing and publishing their games.

What Is Roblox Player ID?

You have learned enough about Roblox and its growth up until this moment. Now, take a quick look at what is a player id in Roblox. Everyone who registers for a Roblox account receives a user ID, commonly referred to as a player ID. The only way to modify the user ID is to create a new one because it can never be changed. Users can tell their friends and other family members about this ID.

How Can You Find Your Roblox Player ID?

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Although knowing about your Roblox ID is vital, still some people don’t know their Player ID. We will have a deep look into how to find your Roblox player ID on different devices such as PC or mobile etc.

How to Find My Roblox Player ID on PC?

If you are a PC user, know about your Roblox player ID using this easy-peasy procedure.

  • Go to and login into the account you created.Go to
  • After logging in, you will see your profile photo at the top of the computer screen, click on that.Click on Profile at the top
  • It will display your profile.Click on Profile Button
  • Now look at your website’s URL in the browser; it should be something like: Profile ID
  • Your Roblox Player ID is 2609728511.

How to Find My Roblox Player ID on Mobile?

  • Use the browser to navigate to the website.
  • There you will see two options, continue in the app and continue in the browser. Click Continue in Browser.
  • Put the password and username you have into Roblox to sign in.
  • After that, hit the URL on the mobile browser after clicking your profile image at the top.
  • The numerical value which is your username ID will immediately show.

So that was all about knowing your username ID. Does the question of how to find other players’ IDs in Roblox hit your mind after knowing how to find your username ID? The answer to this is simple. You can know about others’ username IDs after logging into your account and then entering their name in the search bar. Following the same above procedure can help you find their username.


In conclusion, discovering your Roblox user ID is an effortless procedure that only requires a few basic steps. Having your Player ID on hand can make things simpler and more efficient whether you want to add friends, join a group, or use third-party tools.


Never disclose your Player ID to a person you aren’t sure of, and always keep it secret. Others might be able to access your account using this information and damage you. Have fun exploring Roblox’s expansive environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Knowing About Your Roblox Player ID Is Vital?

It’s key to know your Roblox player ID because it enables you to add friends, join groups, and use third-party apps that need it. If there are any problems with your account or purchases, it might also assist you in identifying yourself. You can safeguard your account from unauthorized access or usage by keeping your player ID private and secure.

Is Roblox Safe For Kids?

Roblox can be kid-friendly if the proper precautions are taken. Younger players can benefit from the platform’s safety measures, which include content moderation, and parental controls. Parents should keep an eye on their kids’ Roblox play, teach them internet safety precautions, and urge them to report any questionable behavior or content they come across.


Keep confidential information secret and avoid disclosing it to outsiders. As a whole, Roblox can be a fun and safe platform for youngsters to explore with the proper precautions and parental direction.

Can The User Change Their Username ID?

Except for users who have premium accounts, no user can modify their username ID. You need to be a member of Roblox Premium, to alter your username. You must create a new username ID in the free version if you want to alter your username ID.


Be aware that changing your username has no impact on the date your account was created, the locations you’ve visited, or the people you follow or friends. Your old username, however, might still be noticeable in some places on the website.