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How To Get Voice Chat On Roblox?

How to get Voice Chat on Roblox

In most video games, communicating with buddies or random people is fun, and Roblox is undoubtedly no exception. Numerous games played by players worldwide can be found on Roblox. Gamers have the opportunity to use regular text chat to interact with new persons they encounter.


Moreover, many players won’t know that now the game has an audio chat feature that enables audio communication between players how to get voice chat on Roblox and how to voice chat on Roblox? It is not accessible to all, and those who want to access it should be more than 13 years. The players must use a Roblox-provided portal to upload photos and ID cards to prove their age. Users’ access to all audio chat services will probably be blocked if they fail to fulfill one of these conditions.


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Roblox Voice Chat Requirements:

To utilize your voice chat Roblox function in the videogame, you must be 13 years old, as made clear by the Roblox designers in their forum post. You must complete the following steps to prove your age:

  • App Roblox.
  • Identity card, passport, and driver’s license.
  • Access to the phone’s camera.

How To Verify Age In Roblox?

Roblox voice chat verification method may appear complicated, but it’s really rather easy.

Follow the following steps to know how to get Roblox voice chat.

  1. Sign up for the Roblox website and visit the homepage there.
  2. To log in, click the login button.
  3. Click Log In after entering your username and password.
  4. Just at the start of your screen, select the Settings icon.
  5. From the list of choices, pick Settings.Roblox Setting
  6. Click the Verify My Age link under the Account Info tab.Roblox - Setting - Account Info - Verify My Age

1. E-mail Verification:

  • Before moving further with this step, you must confirm your email. Click Continue after entering your email address.Verify Email Address - Roblox
  • You will not see this option if you have previously connected your email ID to your profile.

2. Age Verification:

  • After selecting the Continue button, a pop-up box containing a QR-Code will appear. Using your smartphone, you must scan this code.Identity Verification - Roblox
  • You will then be taken to the Roblox age verification page, where you must click the Start Session button to start the procedure.Start Session - Roblox
  • You must take a picture of your identification now, which can be your driver’s license or ID card, or passport. To take the picture, just use your rear camera. You’ll also require pictures including both sides of the paper.Take Image of driving license or passport
  • Additionally, you’ll have to upload a picture of yourself shortly after that.Take A Selfie
  • To make the procedure simpler, ensure your face is both within the screen and visible.
  • You will receive a thank you page upon uploading your picture that reads, “Your Verification Data Has Been Successfully Submitted.” You might need to snap new pictures of both the selfie and your document if you can’t see them.
  • If all goes according to plan, the user’s account voice chat feature should be enabled once the verification procedure is through.

Age Verified

You can now turn on the functionality in-game after proving your age. The voice chat function can be activated for both the Roblox desktop and mobile versions of the game. Maybe your mind is flooded with how to use Roblox voice chat, the answer is simple, by recording and listening to the voice you will be able to communicate.


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How To Get Roblox Voice Chat On PC?

  • Login into the Roblox profile by going to the Roblox website.
  • In the right-hand corner, select the settings option.
  • Pick Settings out from the set of choices, then look to the left for the Privacy tab.
  • The “Enable Voice Chat” option should be shown in the Beta Features area.
  • Reload the page if you can’t see the Beta Features section.
  • By enabling that option, the audio chat will be available on Roblox PC.

How To Use Voice Chat In Roblox On Mobile?

How to turn on voice chat in Roblox is a frequently asked question. Here is mentioned the recipe.

  • On your screen, click the three dots circles in the lower right corner.
  • Until you find the gear symbol, scroll down.
  • Click that button, then choose Privacy.
  • The voice chat option can be activated from there.

You are done now! Now that Roblox voice chat is available, you will have no trouble conversing with your pals and other gamers. There are currently no limitations on voice chat, therefore you shouldn’t encounter any issues even if you use a few expletives.


Does Roblox have voice chat? Unfortunately, all games are not Roblox voice chat games. Therefore, if both you and your buddy are unable to hear each other via the mic, it is likely so because the game publisher disallowed voice chat functionality. You might use another VOIP platform alternatively, such as Discord.


Although voice chat Roblox is an option, it is by default deactivated, making many users question how to enable audio chat in Roblox. Being able to enable Roblox chat voice is a little trickier compared to other video games, so having some stage process guidelines on hand is essential. However, if you are still unable to talk in Roblox, the function is disabled. Simply uninstalling the game from your PC and installing it again should solve this issue.


Additionally, not every Roblox user has audio chat capability turned on. Look for a mic icon beside their name and above your picture to tell who it has enabled. Players will then be able to talk to each other when they are nearby utilizing their voices. Hat tip to Roblox for introducing this feature.

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