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How to Improve Mouse Accuracy?

How To Improve Mouse Accuracy?

What Is Mouse Accuracy?

Do you wanna know how precisely you hold the mouse? How many clicks of your mouse are at the target? If yes, then the only thing you can do is a mouse accuracy test. The mouse accuracy test deals with the challenge or a game you play to know how precisely you click the mouse to hit the target in a given time.


Most people take it as fun, but there’re many things that you may learn regarding the basics of shooting and gaming.


In this article, we’re gonna discuss ways to improve mouse accuracy in Windows 10. Also, we’ll discuss the problems you’ll face, whether being a beginner or a pro.

Ways To Improve Your Mouse Precision:

1. Adjust Mouse Sensitivity.

To improve mouse accuracy test results, adjust mouse sensitivity first. To do this, follow the given instructions.

  • Go to the window settings and select the start button at the bottom of the screen.control panel search mouse
  • Now, look for the mouse setting.control panel search mouse settings
  • After getting that, select the speed you want for your cursor to have the sensitivity you want for later activities.control panel enhance Pointer Precision

2. Adjust Mouse DPI.

DPI means the drop per inch. It is basically the degree of pixels with which the mouse travels when the mouse is moved physically one inch. DPI is also related to the mouse sensitivity settings to have pointer precision. Greater the DPI more sensitive your mouse is. There may be software to have a dpi test game for sensitivity, or in a gaming mouse, a button is located below the scroll wheel of the mouse for this purpose.

3. Adjust In-Game Mouse Sensitivity.

Most of the time the mouse settings need to be changed for different games. For example, the sensitivity settings of your mouse for a game don’t need to be equally eligible for all the games. If the setting is worthy in one game, it may not be applicable in the other. To avoid failure or unexpected results do check the settings before going into the game.

4. Practice Your Aim.

Need to know how to get better aim with a mouse? If you’ve found the mouse you’re comfortable with then you’re good to go for the practice session. Practice as much as you can to have the most mouse clicker accuracy. Play the games like Aim lab, kovaak 2.0, Aimbooster for a better experience.

How to Improve Mouse Performance?

If you really wanna enhance the sensitive mouse click number, then do follow the guidelines given below:

  • First of all, select the mouse that fit the best for you. It can be either optical or laser.
  • Secondly, adjust the DPI of your mouse to the most sensitive and according to the game.
  • After that, fine-tune the macro keys on either the right or left side of your mouse for the pro mouse accuracy test.
  • You can use Teflon for having a glossy mouse.

How to Improve Mouse Accuracy Fps?

These tips we’re going to discuss are basically for beginners or newbies in this field of gaming. If you’re already in this zone then, this may not be that much help but would aid you to groom your basics of gaming.

  • First of all, don’t panic ever. Have confidence in yourself and play at your frequency and pace. It’s okay if you’re a newbie and you’re losing track of mouse accuracy. Even there’re pro players that go overwhelmed and can’t play the way and are unable to perform at their level if they’re facing that pressure. So it’s common with beginners, and you need to handle it calmly.
  • Another thing that matters in mouse speed practice is the way you practice and how much you practice. Sometimes the beginners, instead of focusing on getting experience by playing slowly and smoothly, play so fast than they’re capable of. This results in falling apart of their decision-making abilities and also they can’t play well in pressurized situations. To have the right decisions and well experience, you need to practice as much and smoothly as you can even if you’re getting engagements. That’s okay to have experience.
  • Stop sprinting into engagements and be aware of sprint scams in mouse accuracy games. All shooters have sprint machines, but only a few of them don’t. Be cautious, games have animations that don’t allow you to lift your gun and be ready to fire at any time. You feel quicker when you’re sprinting, and you wanna go to another side of the map or get into engagements, be careful of this as the gun downward may be a missed chance.
  • Positioning is the key to increasing mouse accuracy. Most of the time the newbie gamers are respawn-based shooters and will be at the place of their last deaths again and again. Try to avoid the place where, lastly, you were taken down. Experienced gamers know it well. Utilize all the areas of the map and become unpredictable.
  • Don’t charge at the enemies in a straight line for fps mouse movements. It may be very tempting to try and close the gap while fighting. If you’re closer to your target it’s easy to land the shot. Just move right and left unpredictably so that the opponent may not have an idea about your exact position.
  • Keep your crosshair at head and chest height for having mouse precision. Don’t aim it at the ground. This is a mistake done by most beginners. Because they think the gun model out of the way is better and easier to handle. But in actuality, it takes more time to have a snap.


So if you wanna test the mouse accuracy of your gaming mouse then do have a mouse tracking game. This will let you know much about your efforts and the mouse you’re using. The tests of this type help to understand the real cause that doesn’t let you be the pro. If you’ve done the test session, the tips are definitely gonna help you to have the most favorable results.

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