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How To Increase Clicks Per Second?

How To Increase Click Per Second?

The process of counting the number of clicks a user made in 1 second is known as clicks per second or touch per second or CPS test. Are you pondering how clicks can make in 1 second? Well, the time range is the charm of this test. If you think only 2 or 3 clicks are the average clicks per second, you are wrong then. The fastest clicking score recorded up-till is 16 clicks per second. Is this unbelievable for you? Read the following tips and tricks carefully to know the secret of how to increase CPS on the mouse.

1. Clicking Techniques:

Clicking techniques help users to get better at clicking. These techniques involve:

1. Jitter Clicking:

This technique is hard to follow, and users have to practice a lot to be masters for this clicking. In this Jitter clicking, the player produces vibrations by clicking the mouse swiftly and then transmits these hand vibrations to fingers. This clicking considerably uplifts your clicking speed. The only drawback is that excess usage can lead to arthritis and carpal tunnel.

2. Butterfly Clicking:

This clicking is also beneficial when it comes to upgrading the clicking speed. This technique also demands fuel, energy, and time to have a good command of this. Butterfly clicking is done by clicking with both fingers on both sides of the mouse. The same vibration is produced when a muscle comes in contact with fingers.

3. Drag Clicking:

Drag clicking is the safest of all clicking. Drag clicking is also known as Fazer tapping and includes dragging fingers from top to down. You can get the highest 30 CPS in 1 second through drag clicking.

2. Proper Positioning Of Hands:

The more comfortable your position is, the better will be the results.

  • Sit in a plain place to avoid discomfort while playing.
  • Release tension in muscles and relax them, otherwise, it will lead to wrong moves.
  • Don’t be harsh with the mouse, and don’t put extra pressure on it.
  • Make sure your fingers are near the mouse when you start the challenge, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get the fastest scores.
  • Be calm and relaxed during playing.

3. Practice:

It is no secret that practice unlocks all the doors to success. If you want to have a good grip on anything, practice it. Don’t look for a shortcut instead practice clicking daily. If you wholeheartedly want to set a new record in the history of clicking, then choose practice. Choosing practice will aid you in getting better at clicking and keep you motivated.

4. Prefer Mouse Instead Of Finger Playing:

People asked frequently about can they play clicking tests on all devices, i.e., mobile, laptop, iPad, and PC? The answer is YES. But plump for the mouse instead of playing with fingers on mobile or iPad because you can achieve satisfying results from the mouse by applying different clicking techniques.

5. Choose Gaming Mouse:

Many people make the blunder of choosing a regular mouse for clicking. Playing with a regular mouse will lead to plain boring results. Go for a gaming mouse to have favorable results and the fastest clicking mouse. Gaming mice are made especially for clicking and gaming. If we use a regular mouse rather than a gaming mouse, the regular mouse will have worn out in no time.

6. Play Games:

As good clicking makes you a good gamer, playing games also improves your clicking speed. To get better at clicking, play different games which involve clicking. Observe the difference in your clicking after playing counter-strike and global offensive.

If you don’t want to go for a fancy one, then play the kohi click test which will give you a better idea of your clicking speed.

7. Use Mouse Pad:

Using a mouse pad for smooth clicking is a thing to follow. A smooth and plain surface will help you to get the fastest clicks. Different quality mousepads are available in the market. Must use them to get the fastest clicking scores.

8. Choose A Peaceful Environment:

Make an effort to sit in a noise-free place to avoid distractions and disruptions and to focus on your goal goodlier. Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection before starting.

9. Have A Good Grip On The Mouse:

There are different ways to hold a mouse, i.e., palm grip and claw grip. Choose what is easier for you. But do not hold the mouse so tightly that it affects clicking speed.

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