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How To Right Click On A Chromebook? Complete Guide

How to right-click on a Chromebook ?

Because Chromebooks are similar to laptops, almost all contain touchpads and other amenities that users may like. Another thing to keep in mind is that, unlike Windows laptops, Chromebooks don’t really have buttons just below the screen.


It can be tricky to sort out to know right-click procedures because of this. You might well be asking if Chromebooks support right-clicking. YES, it does. You can accomplish it, along with a few other helpful hints by following the below procedure. Another detail that will leave you gaping is that, similar to other devices such as laptops, Chromebooks lack discrete left and right-click buttons. As a result, their consumers are perplexed about how to utilize the trackpad properly.


It’s also worth noting that a USB mouse may normally be plugged into a Chromebook. If you haven’t a mouse and are considering purchasing one, seek for the “Works with Chromebook” badge to ensure compatibility.

Chromebook Features:

The Chromebook has a unique function that allows users to change the buttons. In the advanced Chromebook, there is a “tap-to-click” option. This option must be enabled, and the desired click must be set. By activating the “tap to click” choice, you can switch from Chromebooks right-clicking to left-clicking. For any click either left or right, click somewhere on the trackpad; all you must do is adjust the setting first, then click. You will take the output and notice a click when you click this spot. In the Chromebooks, you may do regular right and middle clicks.

The Touchpad On The Chromebook:

The touchpad on a Chromebook is not like those of other electronic gadgets. However, you cannot say that it is difficult to use. All you have to do is swipe your finger most pleasantly and necessarily. Move your single finger on the trackpad to move the pointer on the device’s screen, and the cursor will move.

How To Use Right Click On A Chromebook?

The tap-to-click capability is enabled by default on all Chromebooks, so touching a single fingertip on the touchpad will behave like a conventional click.

Instead, touch your fingertips on the touchpad if you want to use the command of right-click command. If your screen slides down and up as a result of this, then it indicates that you have placed your both finger for too long on the trackpad because ChromeOS also uses 2 fingers to slide the display. So, take away your fingers from the trackpad and tap with them on the touchpad again to get right-click menu back.

  1. Click on the setting option from the menu in the right bottom corner.
  2. A new prompt will appear scroll down and you will find “Accessibility”.
  3. Select “Manage Accessibility Features”.Setting > Accessibility > Manage Accessibility Features
  4. After clicking on “Manage Accessibility Features” scroll down to “Mouse and Touchpad,” and click on “Open mouse and touchpad device settings.”Setting > Accessibility > Manage Accessibility Features > Mouse and Touchpad >Open mouse and touchpad device settings
  5. Then click on “Enable Tap to Click.”Enable Tap to Click

How To Use Other Trackpad Gestures On A Chromebook?

There are two useful trackpad gestures too other than the above-mentioned right-click feature that are handy to get and use.


Here I am jotting down some of them.

1. See All Open Windows:

It may be tricky and tedious to go to the dock and plump for the desired icon if you are working with many apps and tabs open. This is how you can get rid of the problem.


Simply swipe up using three fingers, and all of your tabs and windows will display on your Chromebook’s display in the next moment.

2. Open A Link In A New Tab:

How to unlock a link while working on any webpage? You can do it simply by clicking on that desired link with your three fingers. This will open that link on a new tab.

3. Move Between Pages:

You can navigate between sites you’ve previously visited on the web by swiping. Swipe left on Chromebook using your two fingers if you want to go to the previous page and swipe right using two fingers if you want to go next. If there’s something on the site you recently left and you demanded to discover about, this is a great way to find out.

4. Move Between Tabs:

I will not be wrong if I will call it the favorite gesture of all others. This assists you by allowing you to open another tab while having multiple tabs open. This is unchallenging to do. Place your three fingers on the touchpad and then move them both left or right. After this, you will see focused tab changes, then take away your finger from the touchpad and go for your desired tab. This is so unchallenging yet so effective.


These were a few ChromeOS touchpad gestures that can aid you if you have a Chromebook to use. You might think at the start using a Chromebook at the start is no less than misery but you will uplift your eyebrow after knowing that people who are using Chromebook are loving it more than any other electronic device such as a PC or laptop etc.

Combination of Keyboard and Touchpad:

The two notch-top methods to use a keyboard and touchpad together are described below:

1. Right-Click:

If you want to right-click, then hold the Alt key from your keyboard and click the touchpad. The right-click will be done. Although there are several methods of right click as described above, you can use this one as a combination of keyboard and touchpad.

2. Highlight Content:

To highlight any desired part of your content, click on one side. Then, from the keyboard, hold down the Shift key and with the help of the other hand click on the other side of the content. The content will be highlighted. This helps you to get rid of the dragging on Chromebook hassle.

Troubleshoot Touchpad Problem:

Just imagine you are working on an indispensable task or playing a game and are near to hitting your enemy and your touchpad stop working? Is not that terrifying? If yes, then read the following precautions and remedies to fix the problem.

1. Dust And Debris:

Protect your device from dirt and dust. If there is any single particle of it, it can affect your performance.

2. ESC key:

Pressing the ESC key multiple times can resolve the issue. So, whenever you face a troubleshooting touchpad problem, press this key many times.

3. Finger Movement:

It might look funny to you but a moving finger on the touchpad can help you to get rid of troubleshooting problems. Consider you are tapping the back of a baby to fix his mood while moving your finger on the trackpad.

4. On/Off:

Sometimes what the system demands is a break. Give it that by restarting it. It can definitely help you if it wants that.

5. More Than One Account:

Removing all accounts except one can solve the problem. Delete it when it’s not functioning but YES later you can add them.


We will give the discussion a final wrap now with a last surprise and suggestion. As you are aware of the fact that there is no button on the Chromebook. Similarly, you cannot use right and left click at the same moment. Disgusting? Yes, because you continuously have to go to the setting to change it either left or right as per your choice. Although the Chromebook lets you use all other features, if you are an expert gamer, then this is not the right option for you. You should either go for a Bluetooth mouse with this device to get more accurate results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Chromebooks Have A Left-Click Button Option Too?

There is no left or right button on the Chromebook but yes you can do what a left-click button does.

Can You Enable Left-Click On Chromebook?

Yes, you can. The procedure to do it is mentioned above. Follow it carefully to enable it.

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