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How to Right-Click Without a Mouse
(Windows and Mac)

How to Right-Click Without a Mouse

Owning mouse was once considered strange. This was a pricey add-on that just a few tech enthusiasts could afford. A simple mouse can now be purchased for less than five dollars, and almost every computerized payroll system is founded on this accessible game controller.


So, if your mouse were to break suddenly, how else would you click right? What would you do if you had to left-click? Isn’t that a terrifying thought? However, by the conclusion of this tutorial, you’ll be able to seize the mouse command of your computer in a crisis and can right-click like a champ.

Why Use a Keyboard Instead of a Mouse to Execute a Right-Click?

People frequently inquired as to why go for a mouse when we already have a keyboard. Here are mentioned three main reasons for using a keyboard rather than a mouse:

1. Accessibility:

The first is the user’s inability to operate. They don’t have the flexibility or arms to use a mouse unchallengingly, yet they can still utilize a keyboard.

2. Hardware Failure:

The second is a problem with the equipment. For whatever reason, your touchpad or mouse may cease working, and you’ll need to keep using your laptop till a substitute or repair comes.

3. Streamlined Workflow:

Other folks prefer to not have a cursor, and that would be fine, too! You can keep working even if you’re doing a lot of double-clicking. Using key shortcuts to navigate your PC can, under certain situations be quicker and more accurate than using a pointer. Computer technicians are already knowledgeable of this, as keys are fundamental to procedural tasks.

As a result, you might find that many key shortcuts are handier instead than utilizing a mouse.


I have jotted down the procedures of using right click without a mouse on window 10 and how to right click without a mouse on laptop. Get them carefully.

Use Mouse Keys in Windows 10:

Control Your Mouse With A Keyboard

“Mouse Keys” is an advanced feature in only Windows 10 that allows you to customize your keyboard shortcuts. This lets the PC user control the cursor by using a numerical keypad rather than a mouse. 


On a Windows PC, enable the “Mouse Keys” by tapping Start. Then press the “Mouse Keys”. Turn the “Mouse Keys” on.


Follow these methods to get more effective Mouse Keys:

  • Select “Ease of Access” from the Control Panel.
  • Click “Ease of Access Center” and “Make the Mouse Easier to Use” from here.
  • Finally, press the “Set Up Mouse Keys” button.

Right-click simply by hitting the “-“ symbol from the keyboard after this is enabled. The “/” sign will be the left click.

Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the Mouse Easier to Use > Set Up Mouse Keys
Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the Mouse Easier to Use > Set Up Mouse Keys

Windows Right-Click Button:

This key, located between both the “Windows and Control keys”, may have escaped your notice! This key is typically seen on previous keyboards and versions; thus, your system may be missing one.


Thankfully, Windows always comes up with a workaround that is just as useful. If you’re using Windows 7, you may do it by pressing “Alt + Shift + NumLock”.


Another option is to choose the item and then press the “Context Key“. This button is also known as the “Menu key”.


The latest models will show it between the “Alt and the cursor keys” rather than the Windows icon. You may need to hit “Fn” before clicking the Context key in certain cases.


This is typically found on the top right of your keyboard.


Windows Right-Click Button

Using Tab and Cursor Keys:

Prepare to have a surprise if you thought the Tab is solely used for spacing and formatting. The cursor keys and Tab can be used to pick things!


Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  • To do a right-click on an item or dataset, press the “Tab” key and then press the four arrow keys located on the right-hand side of the keyboard if you want to focus on it.
  • By hitting “Shift + F10,” you can conduct a right-click.
  • This will bring up the Context Menu, where you can select an item by pressing the hotkey or scrolling or roaming the pointer with the four arrow keys.

How To Right Click Without A Mouse On MAC OS?

Magic Mouse

The contrast here between Mac’s right-click function and a Windows’ seems to be that the earlier allows you to perform several tasks.


On a Mac, the clicking right action is determined by the object you’ve selected. When users right-click on a grammatical error, for instance, it will immediately spell it correctly.


In the meantime, clicking right on the Explorer application will bring up a list of options to remove, modify, transfer, or do anything else.


Follow the procedure given to see right-click button with no need for a mouse:

  • Click the “Spacebar” while holding down the “Command” key. The Spotlight search will appear as a result of this. Type “System Preferences” in the “search-box” and hit “Enter“.
  • Then click the “Mouse and Trackpad” button under the “Universal Access” symbol. Turn the “Mouse Keys” setting to ON. You may choose to tick the box.
  • If you have already disabled the “Num Lock,” press the “F6” button to reactivate it.
  • On the keyboard, hold down the “Ctrl” key. On the keyboard, tap the digit 5. A right-click action will be performed as a result of this.
  • If there is no numeric section on your keyboard, press the letter “I” on the keyboard while holding both the “Ctrl” and “Fn” keys.

Setting up the right-click feature is another option for enabling the right button. Take the following actions:

  • Click the “Mouse and Touchpad settings” under “System Preferences”.
  • When you press two fingers on the trackpad, the drop-down option will display.
  • To access the right-click menus, hold down the ‘control button‘ and left-click.

Is a Mouse Necessary?

Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, if your pointer fails or you consider using a cursor too difficult, these keypad-based alternatives might be extremely useful. If you need to operate the cursor with more than just a mouse due to an impairment, you might make investments in a different form of the computer mouse. Many specialized controllers are available for folks with various mobility difficulties. Ocular surface cameras or audio control, for example. You may use software like Keysticks to command your mouse cursor with a typical off-the-shelf controller.


Whilst the mouse cursor is still an important part of most desktop computers today, you have a lot of options for moving it around.


The conversation will now come to a close. Take a deep breath and consider what is most comfortable for you. Although there is no need to spend money on two separate items, a mouse and a keyboard, and the usage of a keyboard is simple to obtain, if the use of a mouse is more beneficial to you, go for it. Do what makes you happy. If you want to work professionally, you must be familiar with your device’s quirks and features. So far, we’ve covered the methods for right-clicking on Mac and Windows computers.

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