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Minecraft Color Code & Minecraft Color Code Generator:


Minecraft is a video game designed by Mojang studio and it is a 3-dimensional blocky game where players create different blocks. In recent years, Minecraft is considered one of the leading and best-selling games because it can increase the mind creativity of users.

It is a creative game where the users can create the world by their creativity using 3d blocks or try to fix themselves in an already generated world. This game deals with your mind’s creativity and imagination and can create new tools and assets which help the user for surviving. Minecraft allows the users to find and extract raw materials for making tools which helps them to construct different kinds of structures. Players of Minecraft have to fight against computer-controlled gangs and other players.

Minecraft Color Codes:

Minecraft has two playing modes one is solo and the other is a multiplayer mode, in solo mode the player has to survive alone. In multiplayer mode players are playing in a team and also can communicate with each other in different colors and formats. The players also have color codes to change their team color or can change the shield or armor color according to their own choice and these color codes are called ‘Format codes’.


The Minecraft color codes allow the players to change and improve the experience of in-game text. These codes are primarily concerned with the text formatting like making it italic and bold, etc.


Minecraft has a variety of color codes and formatting codes that allows the gamers to change the text color according to their choice.
The color codes have a simple format that starts with section sign ‘§’ followed by a Hexa digit which has numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F. The section sign is treated as the primary key which you must use for changing color and format. The different numbers and letters can produce different effects and hues.


If the players wish to change the color of the text, they must follow the proper format which is to write the color code before the text like a section sign (§) and then text. For example, if a player wants to choose a dark green color then he types §2 and any text that he wants.

Minecraft Color Code Generator:

Minecraft color codes generator shows you the color scheme and format of text which you can type in-game.


We designed a Minecraft color code tester, especially for our Minecraft users who want to check and try different Minecraft color code tests for a better understanding of the game. We are providing you with Minecraft formatting codes and a Minecraft colored chart that helps you have a better understanding of the game text.


For those users who want to try the Minecraft text generator before playing the game, our Minecraft color and formatting codes generator is a great generator for them. We make sure to available all colors and formats of Minecraft on our website for you and you can choose different colors and formats according to your choice.


The codes are sometimes easy to remember so we design Minecraft color and formatting codes generator for you, you can easily generate the text in different styles and formats and copy the code text and paste it into the game for best functions.

Minecraft Color Codes And Chart:

The Minecraft color codes can change the color of text and we have made the Minecraft colored chart for you. You can quickly and easily understand the Minecraft color text generator codes and can use them in your chat. To make it easy for players below is a color where the color name and their chat code is mentioned:

ColorMinecraft NameChat CodeMOTD CodeDecimalHexadecimal
Dark Reddark_red§4\u00A7411141120AA0000
Dark Greendark_green§2\u00A724352000AA00
Dark Aquadark_aqua§3\u00A734369000AAAA
Dark Bluedark_blue§1\u00A711700000AA
Light Purplelight_purple§d\u00A7d16733695FF55FF
Dark Purpledark_purple§5\u00A7511141290AA00AA
Dark Graydark_gray§8\u00A785592405555555

Step By Step Process:

You must follow the step-by-step process for Minecraft color codes and Minecraft formatting codes.

  • Firstly a text box appears which is divided into two portions. The one portion of the left-hand side is your typing area where you can write text and the right-hand side area is for displaying coded text, which means styles, and format applied to text.
  • We have several options here for you for styling and formatting text, there is 16 color available for you, you can choose any of these and 5 writing formats for you which are bold, italic, underline, obfuscated and strikethrough and another option you have is reset.
  • You must first choose the color and style then type the text if you type the text first and then choose style or format it won’t apply. So make sure to select format and style first and then type.
  • Different colors and formats have different features and different codes, here you don’t need to put codes before writing because the color codes and Minecraft formatting codes are automatically added when you click on the above colors and formats.
  • You can practice different styles and formats for bettering in-game text writing.
  • You can also copy the codes into the Minecraft game.

Change Text Color And Style Using Color And Formatting Codes:

Our website designed not only a colored text Minecraft generator but also a Minecraft formatting codes generator for proper understanding of Minecraft color codes and Minecraft formatting codes.


You can change the style and color of text by using our Minecraft color and formatting code generator. You can select the format from available formats and then enter any text into the text area, your text is transformed into your selected format. We have several available colors and formats which are mentioned below.

DescriptionChat CodeMOTD Code
Reset the default color§r\u00A7r

Minecraft players are so much interested in changing the colors and formats of the text so, that can use our Minecraft color and formatting codes generator for easy understanding. In Minecraft color codes the name and code of that specific color are mentioned you can use the code to change the text’s color. For the same Minecraft, formatting codes are mentioned in the above table you can use these codes for applying different kinds of formation to text.

Server Properties And MCMETA:

If the gamers want to use MOTD mode then they must change the section sign ‘§’ with /u007 like in MOTD mode if players want to choose a yellow color then instead of typing §e, you must type \u00A7e. Here below is a table where the name and MOTD code is mentioned.

CodeOfficial NameMOTD code
§1Dark Blue\u00A71
§2Dark Green\u00A72
§3Dark Aqua\u00A73
§4Dark Red\u00A74
§5Dark Purple\u00A75
§8Dark Gray\u00A78
§dLight Purple\u00A7d
\nExtra line\n