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Different Type Of Mouse Clicking Techniques

Different Type Of Mouse Clicking Techniques

CPS Test:

CPS refers to an instructional game called Click Per Second and is being used by a large number of gamer communities to shape up and boost their hand movement speed (number of clicks done by human hand in a number of seconds).

This kind of technique also focuses on the mouse grip and gives the player enough practice so that when he actually plays the game, he’s already qualified enough.

This clicking technique aims to improve the speed of clicking by focusing on mouse grip and to make mouse clicking faster.

There are many techniques used to enhance click per second speed. The techniques given below.

Such Techniques Includes Tests Like:

  • Jitter click test
  • Butterfly click test
  • Clicking games
  • Drag clicking
  • Auto clicking

1. Jitter cClicking:

The jitter clicking technique is exercised by gamers who are interested in playing games that require a high number of clicks made to win the game. The strategy revolves around creating a jitter effect in the hand while clicking the mouse button. Thus, producing a high frequency of clicks per second.

2. Butterfly Clicking:

This mode as compared to jitter clicking is safer, effective and more reliable. As the name indicates, jitter clicking includes the production of a jitter effect on hand muscle when clicking. So , jitter clicking may cause injuries to hand muscles while butterfly clicking is safe and easy to use causing no signs of any injury.

3. Drag Clicking:

The name indicates, drag clicking has some kind of dragging going on during the clicking procedure. The player needs to drag his fingers to the mouse button instead of clicking on it. As a result of this dragging, hundreds of clicks can be produced in a very short time.

4. Auto Clickers:

Auto indicates something that operates by machines and computers without human control, so auto clicking is an automated system that controls the number of clicks produced in a given time.

Other games that require a high speed of clicking of the player are PUBG and Call of Duty. These games are basically shooting games that need the player’s expertise to shoot the enemies in a very short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Fast Should You Click In Minecraft?

The speed of a beginner playing Minecraft is about 5,6 times per second. While an expert gamer’s speed can go up-to 12 to 16 times a second.

Can Drag Clicking Break The Mouse?

Drag clicking can damage your mouse if done consistently or even break it at a point.

Can All Mouses Be Used For Drag Clicking?

Not every mouse is used for drag clicking. An ordinary mouse will stop working if used consistently for drag clicking. There are specialized gaming mouse used for this purpose.

Is Butterfly Clicking Considered Banned?

Yes, butterfly clicking is banned in Hypixel and MMC because it’s taken as unusual click.

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