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What Is A Speed Auto Clicker?

Click speed tests (CST) are tools designed specially to check out the number of clicks a user made in a given time. For instance, a 5 second or 10 second click test. Users use different clicking techniques to get favorable results. Auto clickers software is also one such software.

Speed Auto Clicker

Speed auto clickers, as indicated by the name, are the software that spontaneously generates bursts of clicks in a given time. How many clicks do you get by the bursts of clicks? A large number of clicks, about hundreds in 1 second? Believe it or not, the best auto speed clickers produce more than 50000 clicks in 1 second.


I am sure this large number of clicks took your breath away. Use any auto clickers software to ensure and get it back. Don’t be perplexed about its use. It allows the user to go for either Hold or Toggle activation key.

  • Hold: This key will carry on clicking until the user quits clicking.
  • Toggle: This activation key works the same as the Hold key. The only upgrade in this key is its repetition mode. Users can make clicks repeatedly by pressing the activation key again.

List of Best Auto Clicker Softwares:

I have jotted down a list of notch-top auto-clicker software. The auto clicker for Minecraft is the same. We will also have a detailed look at each.

  1. Free Auto Clicker
  2. OP Auto Clicker
  3. Perfect Automation Clicker
  4. GS Auto Clicker
  5. Auto Click Typer
  6. MAX Auto Clicker
  7. Free Mouse Clicker
  8. Fastest Auto Clicker
  9. MAC Auto Clicker 1.1
  10. Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software
  11. Speed Auto Clicker
  12. Mouse Click Generator! Automatic Click Drag Generator

1. Free Auto Clicker

The Free auto Clicker is the most considerable of all clicking tools. By using this tool, you can make clicks faster and more accurately. The efficiency and accuracy of this tool are unbeatable. It also gives you the command to automate mouse clicks (either left or right).


  • Players can configure this tool according to their choice.
  • Users can find the X and Y coordinate of clicking points accurately.


  • Make clicks faster and make you free from the hassle of clicking repeatedly.
  • Clickers can also configure time intervals and schedule according to their requirement.
  • Users can also record clicks using free auto clickers.
  • This tool encourages you in gaming by aiding in making the number of clicks.
  • This tool gives you a 100% guarantee of data safety.


  • Bugs in software can be problematic
  • Some websites i.e., clicking websites don’t allow you to play with auto click software and ban you. Make sure to check legitimacy before use.

2. OP Auto Clickers 3.0:

OP Auto Clicker 3.0

OP auto clickers are used to get the maximum or the infinite number of clicks. This tool has two modes of auto clicking. One is at a dynamic cursor location, and the other is at a personified location.


  • OP auto clickers are free to use and virus free.
  • It can be downloaded to low storage CPU too.
  • Users can set the number of clicks and times or avail “unlimited” option.
  • Single, double, or triple-click availability.


  • Maximum chance of fastest clicking and winning click tests due to availability of triple clicks.
  • Gamers also use this tool for their betterment and for killing enemies.


  • Certain websites ban auto-clicking.
  • It hangs sometimes.

3. Perfect Automation Clicker:


Perfect Automation Clicker

This tool has a keyboard recorder, scheduler, editor, and many other options that differentiate it from other types of auto clickers. This facilitates the user by providing time-saving features and automation.


  • Script editor.
  • Mouse and keyboard recorder.
  • Scheduler.
  • Launcher launch files and programs.
  • Can operate in Windows 7 too.


  • It is freeware.
  • Help save your energy and time.
  • Assist gamers and clickers.


  • The bombardment of tools is enough to confuse the user. Sometimes the excess of something makes us bewildered. The same is the case with this tool.

4. GS Auto Clicker:

GS Auto Clicker

GS auto clickers serve you by making clicks automatically and saving your energy and finger from stress.


  • Compatible with vista.
  • Can operate in window 7.
  • Recording availability.
  • Configuration of mouse buttons and click type availability.


  • Cost-free.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to understand.


  • Sometimes, GS auto clickers hang.
  • The configuration option of GS auto clickers is not modern. Users can not configure options according to their choice.

5. Auto Click Typer:

Auto Click Typer

This is also a free automation program. Users can make a rapid burst of clicks by using the either left or the right or middle button of the mouse. Rapid clicks support users in numerous ways. Basically, It records all the mouse clicks and keyboard typing that you do on your computer. It saves the action that you perform and then reply for you.


  • Save actions.
  • A load of actions.
  • Automation of the task.
  • Support for Hotkeys
  • Support for scripting
  • Create Macro
  • Automation
  • Macros


  • Easy to get.
  • Auto script availability.
  • You don’t have to pay a single penny to install it.
  • Can be downloaded in low disk space.


  • Some consider it malware.
  • It is very challenging to learn the Hotkeys sequence.
  • Integration with the application is hard

6. MAX Auto Clicker:

MAX Auto Clicker

This tool is easy to use, and it emulates automated mouse clicks. Max auto clickers with default configuration allow the user to automate repetitive tasks. Max Auto Clicker is an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, easy to install process and configure. 
Here are a few settings that you can do easily.

  1. You can choose the mouse button (right click, left click or middle click).
  2. You can also set the Click type (Single Click or Double Click).


  • Available for Linux and Windows, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Mint Linux, MX Linux.
  • Have multiple configuration options.
  • MAX auto clicker in window 10.
  • It is free of cost.
  • User friendly.


  • Easy to get.
  • Auto script availability.
  • You don’t have to pay a single penny to install it.
  • Can be downloaded in low disk space.
  • Low CPU & RAM usage.
  • Working on Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/Server.
  • Perfect for playing clicking games like clicker counter, Roblox & Minecraft.


  • Sometimes website bans this tool.

7. Free Mouse Clicker:

Free Mouse Clicker


The free auto clicker program is unchallenging to use and serves the user with multiple configuration options. The user only has to position the cursor to the click position and hit the start key and clicks will be made automatically.


  • Option to set the mouse auto click (Right click or Left click).
  • Simple to use.
  • The setting of mice auto clicks single or double click availability.
  • Freeware
  • You can start and stop the automatic mouse click using keyboard keys.
  • You can start the auto clicking by using of keyboard hotkey.
  • You can also use this fast auto clicker in games like Minecraft, shooting and many more.


  • Fast and automatic clicks.
  • The hotkey used to start or stop.
  • Users can select any time interval.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • It can click on a single location.
  • Users cannot schedule clicks.

8. Fastest Auto Clicker:

Fastest Auto Clicker


As the name suggested, the fastest clicks are generated through this application. This tool tries its best to make a rapid burst of clicks. More than 100,000 clicks produce in 1 second using this fastest mouse clicker.


The fastest auto clicker helps to start the auto clicking with any keyboard key or mouse click and you can also stop the auto clicking process by pressing any number key. You can use the fastest auto clicker in various games like:

  • Candy Crush Saga.
  • Counterstrike.
  • Roblox game.
  • Clicker Counter.
  • PubG.


  • Outstanding configuration option.
  • Automate clicks.
  • The fastest auto clicker operates for windows 7.
  • Utilizes batch-array feature of SendInput() and manipulates with Sleep() to reach the ultimate possible performance of mouse clicks on Windows.
  • You can select the mouse click like right click, middle click, or left click.
  • You can trigger the automated clicking process with any mouse or keyboard key.
  • You can also terminate the auto mouse click process with any number key.
  • It is free and open-source software that comes without malware, viruses, ads, and trojans.


  • Help in making a large number of clicks.
  • Free application.
  • Virus-free.
  • No malware or trojan.
  • Make almost 100,000 clicks in one second.

9. MAC Auto Clicker 1.1:

MAC Auto Clicker 1.1


This powerful tool is beneficial for gamers and clickers. It produces automated clicks when we start it at the desired location.


  • Enable to set interval before click.
  • Enable to set the interval between clicks.
  • Enable to automate stop after clickers.
  • Enable to automate stop after a time.
  • It supports left click, right click and double click.
  • It supports click count times.


  • Maximum chance of fastest clicking.
  • Maximum chance of winning click tests due to availability of triple clicks.
  • MAC auto clicker for games.

10. Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software:


Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software

This lightweight application lets the user make clicks automatically as the name of this tool indicates. This automatic production of clicks saves your fingers from getting exhausted and tired. You only have to allow your mouse to click at desired location with a single hotkey.


  • Free trial availability.
  • Mouse click selection.
  • Clean lineup.
  • Edit actions.


  • You don’t have to pay a single penny to install it.
  • Can be downloaded in low disk space.

11. Speed Auto Clicker:

Speed Auto Clicker 1

You can use Auto Clicker for many games such as Cookie Clickers, Minecraft, Runescape, Adventure Capitalist, ARK: Survival Evolved, and many more exciting clicker games or for any other game.


  • Hotkeys selection.
  • App selection is available.
  • Anti-detector tool.
  • Two activation modes.
  • Limit of clicks.
  • The click rate of the user’s choice.
  • Speed auto clicker downloadable.


  • Helpful for gamers.
  • Many games such as Adventure Capitalist and Click Heroes are played easily through this tool.
  • Safe to use.
  • The fastest auto clicks are generated.
  • Best auto clicker for Minecraft.

12. Mouse Click Generator! Automatic Click Drag Generator:

Mouse Click Generator! Automatic Click Drag Generator

It is a powerful application for the automation of the mouse and the production of rapid clicks.

Understanding this tool is as easy as falling off a log. Take the first initiative of downloading the application. Next, you will get through a friendly interface.


  • Automatic drags of mouse and clicks.
  • Point selection is easy.
  • Shortcut keys.
  • Mouse click duration is controllable.
  • Configuration options are available.


  • Drag generation.
  • Adjustable timing.
  • Quick clicks.
  • Unchallenging to understand.
  • Numerous configurations availability.

How Does A Speed Auto Clicker Works?

The most heart-capturing and advantageous feature of auto clicking is its configuration. Users can adjust it according to the need of the hour. There is no rocket science in learning its working.


Firstly, the user has to plump for either the “Hold” or “Toggle” activation key. Secondly, select either the left, right, or middle button of the mouse for control. Thirdly, go for mouse frequency either according to your choice or set “unlimited clicks”. Keep in mind, that if you are adjusting according to your will, then don’t select more than 500 clicks in one second. The game or website may crash otherwise.


After completing all settings, place your cursor at the clicking site and start clicking. Clickers can start or stop clicking using either the mouse keys or the keyboard keys.

Benefits of Auto Speed Clicker in Gaming?

In the 21st century, auto clickers are benefiting us in multiple ways. What are those ways? Let’s discuss them.

  • Free of cost:
    Auto clicking does not demand any registration fee or app purchase. It is utterly free, and users can easily download it to their devices.
  • Safe to use:
    This software is virus-free and safe for all kinds of devices. This software does not contain adware or malware that is dangerous to PCs.
  • Configuration availability:
    Users can select the time of clicking and between the clicking according to their requirements. Similarly, they can also select the mouse button, either left or right, or middle.
  • Play games or click tests:
    Many people are zealous to smash the clicking records or win a clicking game. Auto clickers help them to meet their imagination with reality. They beat many fastest clickers with this software.

How To Use A Speed Auto Clicker For Gaming?

I guaranteed you will lift your eyebrow by knowing that auto clickers raise your clicking speed more than tenfold. Not only tenfold, but it can also be more than this that will be alarming. Games such as PUBG involve clicking, and users can make this clicking done through auto clickers to get advantageous results.


Users can use these auto clickers by downloading them. Then, adjust its setting as mentioned earlier.

Features of a Speed Auto Clicker?

Some captivated features of auto clickers are mentioned below:

  • Click Rate:
    Users can select any click rate. For example, 100 or 500.
  • Auto-detection:
    Many website autos detect auto clickers and ban them, but these auto clickers will not be banned by any website when in use.
  • Hotkeys:
    Auto clickers provide the freedom to users to use any hotkeys according to their work. These hotkeys are used to start or stop these auto clickers software.
  • Activation mode:
    The activation mode, hold, and toggle is available for users. Hold makes clicks as long as you press the key while toggle facilitates you in making the clicks repeatedly with the same procedure as for hold.
  • App selection:
    Not only for gaming or clicking websites, but users can also use auto-clickers for many other software programs freely.

Games to Play with Speed Auto Clickers:

Winning a game or smashing a clicking record demands the fastest clicking speed. Although you can use different clicking techniques to get better at clicking, auto clickers are the instant way of getting high points and staying higher than your competitors. In which games can you use an auto clicker?

Here’s the list:

  1. Adventure Capitalist.
  2. Click Heroes.
  3. Ark: Survival Evolved.
  4. Runescape.

1. Adventure Capitalist:

In this game, players buy a lot of foodstuffs and repeat this procedure many times. This is a time requirement as it took a long time to finish the task repeatedly. Auto clickers benefit you by purchasing all food products at once by creating a macro, faster clicking, and automation. You can chill while automation also goes.

2. Click Heroes:

In the click heroes game, users have to make 35 clicks in one second to get the reward. What is your rate of clicking in one second? It will be either 5 or a maximum of eight. It is challenging to make 35 clicks to get the reward. Clickers can complete this target through auto clickers.

3. Ark: Survival Evolved:

As the name of the game shows, you have to complete several repetitive tasks to survive. As this also involves repetition, you can automate those. Completing different tasks for survival includes cleaning some era, farming, hunting with weapons and crafting, etc. Automation of those steps will save your time and also save your energy.

4. Runescape:

In this task, several steps repeat and repeat repeatedly. Do record those records and start the automation. Instead of completing those tasks by yourself, use auto clickers and save your energy and time. This auto clicker tool also works very efficiently and accurately.


We’ll conclude the conversation by taking a quick look at the merits and demerits of auto clickers. This tool facilitates us in clicking, gaming, and several other tasks. Users can customize many features too, and a fast clicker mouse pro can produce an unmatchable number of clicks. But some websites, through special auto detectors detect the auto clickers and ban the user. Make sure to check the legitimacy before using it. There are several types of auto clickers, the user can go for any one of those when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Speed Auto-Clicking A Virus?

NO, they are clicking tools. They are not supposed to be considered a virus.

Are Speed Auto Clickers Being Safe?

Many people ask, is the speed auto clicker safe? They are safe to use and the data of the user’s device remains utterly safe. It does not consider malware or adware but is virus-free.

What Is Meant By Click Limitation?

Click limitation can be defined as the number of clicks a user wants to make in the required time. For example, if the user wants to make 200 clicks in 1 second, then 200 will be the click limitation.

Are Speed Auto Clickers Free?

Yes, they are 100% free. It does not require any specific software to install or high disk space. Users do not pay a single penny to install these auto clickers.

How To Activate Speed Auto Clickers?

There are two modes of activation. Hold and toggle. Users can use any one of their choices.

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