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The 5 Core Elements of Aim Accuracy

5 Core Elements of Aim Accuracy

What is Aim Accuracy and How to Improve Aim Accuracy?

The term “Aim Accuracy” comments on the skills that a gamer uses accurately to focus on the ways to downfall the rivals. To become a professional gamer, you require a higher aim accuracy, and to achieve this there’re several elements you need to consider.

Aim Accuracy and Its 5 Core Elements

1. Jitter Clicking

click speed test

Jitter clicking is not an easy task to do for sure. In this type of clicking speed test, the user or the gamer merely needs to click the touchpad of the laptop by moving his fingers through the movement of his hand and arm. This seems to be a little handy task but it’s not.

Why Jitter Clicking and How Does it Help to Improve Aim?

The jitter clicking test is important because while practicing this, you’re fully engrossed in what you’re doing. This rehearsal of the jitter clicking test ensures increased clicks per touch. You become aware of how to deal with a stressed situation. And also clears the aim of gamers.

How to Master Jitter Clicking?

Practice, patience, and attention are the things that can do wonders in any walk of life for sure. Don’t believe in this? Go ahead and test it once. You’ll change your idea about this. But the thing is, nothing happens instantaneously.


Just focus and believe in yourself and the skills you’ve. You’re good to go. Other things that help are the posture you use while practicing this clicking speed test.


Make sure that your wrist still means your arm won’t move. The greater the number of vibrations more is the more clicks you get.

2. Action Per Minute

APM test or action per minute test signifies the process to note the actions taken by the gamers or the users per minute while practicing to be in a game. Most actions are done in fight games, and you severely as a gamer need to focus on practice sessions before the actual game. To provide that practice area this tool called the APM test is designed.

APM Importance For Gamers.

This test gives you the experience you need as a beginner and also gives the gamers confidence to play on a higher level. The gamers come to know the superfluous actions and improve them.

How To Improve Aim With APM?

The action per minute test focus on clarity and the main attention is on the mouse accuracy and precision of the actions done by the gamers. Not only this, the reaction rate of the gamers enhances, and all this leads to the improvement of your aim in the end.

3. Reaction Time Test

The reaction time test basically refers to the rate at which anyone shows their reaction or concern towards anything happening to their context.

Why Reaction Test and its Importance in Aiming?

Reacting to the changing circumstances in the game at the very right time is essential. For the sake of sample, let’s say you’re playing a game, and the person in your rivalry has attacked you, and you’re still just taking time to decide what to do will take you so back in this gaming world. So while playing, you need to react timely and smartly.

How to Improve the Reaction Test?

If you’re consistently working on something dedicatedly, you’ll surely be rewarded. The same is true for the gaming field. If you work by following this, you’ll be able to have better results.

4. Aim Test

Aim Trainer

Aim trainer or aim improver is a free trial game to exercise the shooting abilities of a gamer, and also it helps to practice the aim of the gamer. Not only this but accurate use of a mouse is also drilled using aim training games.

How to Improve Aim?

To have better aim training practices, the thing that matters the most is the tool you’ve selected. If you’re comfortable with it or not is a major concern here.

Use a gaming mouse and focus on your target. Just don’t fire the bullet everywhere, it’s of no use.
Set the mouse according to your needs. This will make a notable difference in your performances.

5. CPS (Clicks per Second) Test.

click speed test

CPS test, as we all know stands for click per second test. It determines how fast you can click the mouse in 1 minute.

Why CPS and Importance of CPS in Gaming and Aiming?

Clicks per Second is not an ordinary thing to you if you’re a gamer. To react like attack and defend yourself timely while gaming is the only factor that helps the gamers stand out. And for this reaction, a gamer needs to have a strong grip on their mouse to click it perfectly. This will also help gamers to strengthen their aims.

How to Improve CPS?

The only way to improve the CPS speed is through practice. The more you practice, the better results you’ll get. As there’s a famous proverb regarding this situation, “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you desperately wanna improve your average click speed per second do work on clicking your mouse carefully and take click per second challenges as much as you can. Improved CPS will help the gamers to have clear and accurate aims.


So if you’re thinking of getting into this zone of gaming, and wanna have a better experience do follow the above-mentioned procedures and that’ll surely help you. Just kick start your work today but be consistent and patient to have the results you want. Good luck!

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