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How Fast Can You Type?

You can definitely type faster as compared to others if you type daily. But if you’re new to the typing zone then you need to work on it. You can type faster and effectively by making it a habit to have typing speed tests continuously.

How To Improve Your Typing Speed.

If you wanna improve the speed of your typing then you need to practice typing as much as possible. Speed typing tests of our website theclickspeed are surely gonna help you out of it because these tests not only assist you in practice but also compare your progress to your previous work and of course with other competitors as well.

What Is The Best 10-Finger Typing Layout?

Typing with 10 finger layout definitely works. Just locate your small knocks on the J and F key and see the wonders. The more you take keyboard speed tests the faster typing you’ll attain.

Who Invented The QWERTY Keyboard?

QWERTY keyboard was first designed by Christopher Latham Sholes, in 1868, and he also gave arrangement to the letters in the keyboard by placing common words apart from each other to avoid typing mistakes. Such great work! He also invented the first typewriter.

Word Per Minute (WPM) Typing Test.

The name WPM shows that it’s about the number of words you type per minute. There’re a lot of websites that provide the opportunity to the users to play typing test games. And they provide feedback at the spot, which helps the user to analyze their efforts. Our website is one of them. Other than this, there’re WPM typing tests where you can advance your typing speed by typing more words per minute.

Is This Really A Free Typing Test You Can Practice?

Yes, you read it right. Our website theclickspeed has designed a free typing speed test for the customers and the visitors of our site as well. You can do practice whenever you want and take the typing tests how many times you want with WPM every time.

How Can You Upgrade Your Typing Skills?

The one thing I’ll say about upgrading any skill is practice. It’s the only thing that can do wonders. Practice as much you can. Type anything literally anything and take typing speed practice tests and of course, believe yourself. Everything is gonna be the way you want. Also, have an eye on the work of your competitors and do follow the tips by the persons who have mastered it already.

How Are The Words From The Test Chosen?

The words that appear to type during typing practice are basically taken from 1000 most commonly used words in English. And these words are visible haphazardly, and you need to have full focus while these typing speed practices.

Why Have We Prepared This Typing Test?

Our website theclickspeed has organized this free typing test to aid you to examine how fast and accurate you can type within a minute. And the feedback in form of WPM ensures the motivation of users. On a broader range, our WPM typing test assists the companies to find their real search in form of best typists.

Why Is Typing Speed Important To Everyone?

If you belong to some field where typing is the main source and way of communication, then typing speed is definitely gonna be a matter of concern for you. Because if your communication is affected just because of your typing speed, then you’re gonna replaced soon. So to survive in this digital world, typing is the basic tool. For practice typing, there’re several typing speed tests online that work for sure.

What Is The Average Typing Speed?

Average typing speed varies from person to person and depends on how experienced you’re. Simply a layman has an average speed somewhere 35 to 40 WPM. In the same way, if we talk about a typing master, he surely can type up to 65 to 75 WPM easily.

What Is CPM, And What Is the Way to Compute It?

CPM here stands for the sum of characters typed by a person within a minute. The characters include the mistakenly written and the corrected ones. But CPM counts the corrected characters divided by 5. And it’s an international way to count CPM. The fast typing speed you have greater is the CPM. And for fast typing go through the typing speed test of our website theclickspeed.

How Many Words Per Minute Is A Good Notch?

The good score is not defined yet. I mean, it totally depends on you how much you practice. As some persons are typing at the speed of 40-45 WPM, some are working at the rate of 65-75 words per minute, and still, some typists have scored around 120WPM. So a good score is something about how dedicated you’re regarding your work.

What Is the Proper Finger Position While Typing?

The proper positioning of fingers on the keyboard plays a major role in typing anything speedily and efficiently. Place your fingers in the middle line of the keyboard, putting a small finger of your left hand on A and then forward in the same order. Point your thumbs on the space bar. And type your words. Firstly you’ll find it hard but when you’ll practice, it’ll happen.


If you’re willing to up-skill your typing then do practice and use the keyboard tester of our website theclickspeed. It not only shows your CPM, WPM but also keeps you in competition by making you aware of the work of others in the same field.

There’re different kinds of spacebar counters as well to measure clicks made by the users in different time limits. You can become a pro from an average typist if you daily practice a five-minute test of typing within a short duration unbelievably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Typing 40 Words Per Minute A Good Speed?

It depends on how old are you in the field of typing. If you’re a newbie, then it’s not that bad. But if you’re in this zone for a considerably long time, then you need to check where something is wrong.

How Much Practice Do I Need To Improve My Typing Speed?

It isn’t the time that decides how much you need to practice. It’s about your focus and attention towards the work. Say you practice the whole day, but you aren’t attentive towards work it’s useless.

How Would I know Am I Becoming A Better Typist Or Not?

Use the fast typing speed tests designed by our website theclickspeed, and compare your work of yours with not only the competitors but also with your previous work.