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Ways To Increase Clicking Speed On The Mouse

Ways To Increase Clicking Speed On The Mouse

Clicks Per Second Test:

This is a kind of technique that entails recording the number of clicks made on the mouse in a second or a given number of seconds.

This short and easy game is played by gamers who intend to build up the speed of clicks per seconds to win the game as this is the basic requirement of games these days.

Some Techniques of Improving CPS:

There are some techniques that can be used to enhance click per second speed. Such as:

1. Jitter Clicking:

This is considered one of the most efficacious clicking techniques which can help produce a very high number of clicks in a given time.

This mouse clicking technique entails the whole arm as well as wrist muscles. When the clicker clicks on his mouse, a type of jitter movement is brought about in his hand. This is the reason why this technique is called the jitter technique.

2. Butterfly Technique:

This clicking technique necessitates the involvement of two fingers to improve the speed of clicking. The player is supposed to keep his two fingers on the mouse button and use them one by one as a substitute.

3. Drag Clicking:

‘To drag something’ means to pull with some force. This clicking technique requires the movement of two fingers to basically glide on the mouse buttons. The player is supposed to hold his mouse with his thumb on the left side while his ring finger is on the right side, keeping his index and middle finger on the mouse buttons. After that, he’s required to drag his two fingers (which were on the buttons) on the surface of the buttons. This dragging movement should be gentle and not too hard.

4. Auto Clickers::

Auto clickers as the name indicate auto clickers involve the clicking by an automated system. The clicking is automated on the screen in this technique and is used by the majority of gamers. This technique is fast, easy to use, and involves continuous clicking.

5. Best Autoclickers:

Best auto clickers whatever operating system is being used, the best auto clicker is OP as this is effective and has less CPU use.
Others are;

  • OP Auto Clicker
  • GS auto clicker
  • Free auto clicker
  • MurGaa auto clicker
  • Speed auto clicker
  • Auto clicker pro

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Safest Auto Clicker?

GS auto clicker is considered as one of the safest autoclickers as this is virus free.

What Is The Fastest Auto Clicker?

Speed autoclicker is the fastest of all auto clickers and gives the frequency of 50.000 clicks per seconds.

Which One Can Hurt Your Arm, Butterfly Clicking Or Jitter Clicking?

Butterfly clicking as compared to jitter clicking is safe and gentle to the hand muscles while jitter clicking may cause muscle pain in the hands sometimes.

What Is The Highest Score Of Drag Clicking?

The world record set for drag clicking is 14.1 clicks per second.

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