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What Is APM In Gaming?

What Is APM In Gaming?

What Is APM?

APM is the short form of action per minute. Before spelling the tea on actions per minute. Let’s have a short look at actions per minute.


During gaming, an action is a single mouse click or keystroke. For instance, clicking the mouse on a unit, hitting “A” to attack, and clicking the cursor on the attack position are three actions. The majority of the time, mouse motions are not considered actions. 60 seconds, on the other hand, add up to form 1 minute.


APM is the average speed at which a user’s fingers move during clicking or playing a game. In the easiest words, this test lets you know about your typing skills and speed. Don’t stuff your mind with questions like why do you need this APM tester? Because, this is the crucial parameter to appraise a player, a typist, or a clicker by demonstrating the number of activities performed by a player.


Pleasant AMP makes a good image on the judge while monotonous APM makes an awful impact on the judge. As this test tells the average action in one minute, this is also known as the response time test.

What is APM in Gaming?

Gamers engage in a variety of activities while playing. The action per minute is the number of actions performed in one minute. For example, if someone plays a 60-second click challenge and makes 300 clicks, his APM rate will be 300. Actions that take longer than a minute can also be calculated. Do you want to learn how to do it? You may still calculate APM by dividing the number of activities by the time if the same person does 900 actions in 3 minutes.


APM = number of actions/ time
= 900/3
= 300

The APM of that person will be 300.


APM can be used in several games, but this test is primarily useful in real-time strategy (RTS) games. Games like StarCraft and Age of Empires demand that players juggle in real-time. A player with a high APM can do more in a given amount of time while a player with a lower APM cannot. This gives you a sizable advantage when playing against other players online or in eSports contests.

What Is The Importance Of APM?

You now have a thorough understanding of APM. Now the question is, why do we require it? This assessment is mandatory because it serves as a crucial way to gauge a player, typist, or clicker by demonstrating the number of actions completed by the player. A player’s favorable or unfavorable APM will make the judge’s judgment simple.


Similarly, it became clear that it was necessary after introducing so many CPS tests and clicking games. This test was designed to determine a single person’s APM.

Do I Need High APM To Play Competitive Games?

It is obvious. If you want to stand first in the row of the fastest gamers, then you should have a high APM. The highest APM of all gamers forces you to have a good APM score. You’ll need a strong APM to win the game, compete well against competitors, and break APM records.

How Can I Improve My APM?

There are several ways to uplift your APM score. Here I jotted down only a few:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice:

Be prepared for the truth bomb. When you click frequently, it shows up in your results. Practice is the key to success; do it while you’re battling for the fastest APM.

2. Avoid Distractions:

Noisy venues, bumpy seats, and an unsettling setting all divert your attention and contribute to unsatisfactory outcomes. While accepting the game to check your APM, make sure you’re seated in a tranquil setting.

3. Auto Clicking:

As the name implies, auto-clicking is carried out independently. This software must be installed by the user before it can function. However, this is inconvenient in the sense that clicking is prohibited. If the user does not practice it offline and does not play online with this software, it may be prohibited.

Which Games Count APM?

Almost all games in the twenty-first century perform APM calculations, and they are more commonly referred to as RTS games. Most notably, Starcraft has a long and illustrious history of APM with divine players. Flash and Jaedong, for example, always perform 300 APM (6 actions in one second).

Gaming Terms Similar to APM:

Today’s games, such as the APM and EPM, collect an awful lot of player diversity.

1. MPM:

MPM keeps track of how often players give their troops navigation commands, which serves to display the player’s capacity to control, test, create, and conduct other non-combat tasks.

2. HPM:

HPM is an abbreviation for Hotkeys per Minute. HPM takes account of how often players use hotkeys, which helps to indicate how strategic a player is. Instead of spending seconds moving their mouse to the games, gamers will simply use hotkeys.

Is 200 APM good?

The answer to this question is dependent on your level of play, whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran. Similarly, it is dependent on your motivation for achieving a high APM score. For instance, you might want to win games, or you might want to break existing build records, or you might just want to have a high APM for no reason.


200 APM isn’t enough to become a perfect player; you’ll need to put in more effort and burn more fuel. Flash and Jaedong have above 3000 APM, which means they keep a steady rate of APM from start to finish, which is challenging to do. To get over this stumbling block, you’ll have to overcome numerous obstacles.


Hopefully, you will gain a thorough understanding of APM. If you truly want to achieve a high score, you must be willing to overcome numerous obstacles and devote a significant amount of time and effort. A solid APM score necessitates a lot from the user. Practice is the most considerable factor in achieving achievement. Make it a point to stick to it and complete it.

Frequently Asked Question:

How To Achieve A Good APM Score?

Practice daily will make you the best fit for games. Play games and click challenges to grasp a good grip on it.

Can We Count APM Only When We Play Actions For One Minute?

No, you can also count APM even if you play more than one minute. Simply, divide the number of actions by time to get your APM.

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