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What is APM or Action Per Minute?

What is APM or Action Per Minute?

What Is APM?

The abbreviation APM stands for action per minute. APM is the average speed at which a user’s fingers move during clicking or playing a game. In the easiest words, this test lets you know about your typing skills and speed.

Are you flooding with the thought of why you need to know your APM? You need an APM calculator because this test is used as a critical criterion to judge a player, typist, or clicker by displaying the number of activities of the player. Worthy APM will sound good to judge while boring APM will lead to boring impressions. Average actions per minute or response time test are other names for this skill testing exercise.

What Are The Average Actions Per Minute?

Action per minute is the number of actions a user performed in one minute. For instance, if someone made 100 actions in one minute, then the APM score will be 100.


Are you odd to know how the APM test came about? After introducing so many click tests and clicking games, it became apparent that it was necessary. This test was created to determine the APM of a single person.

How Do You Calculate Actions Per Minute?

APM measurement is as easy as ABC. The process for calculating APM does not require any rocket science. I’ve put down some essential points here. Make sure you follow them exactly.


Divide the total number of actions by the total number of minutes. If a player completed 50 actions in two minutes, divide 50 by two. The outcome will be 25, which is the player’s APM.

Highest APM:

Mr. Philip Hubner, the chief administrator of the e-sports organization Intel Extreme Master, stated that only specialists can perform 500 actions per minute. 11 actions per second are considered to be the greatest APM. Furthermore, APM describes how quick and precise you are when it comes to regular gaming performance. It is determined by counting the number of activities logged in one second or minute. Park Sung-Joon now holds the world record for doing 818 highest actions per minute.

Low And High Action Per Minute:

Users who can execute a significant series of moves per minute are usually the fastest online gaming competitors or are exceptionally talented. This attribute demonstrates the player’s knowledge and expertise. The APM gaming test illustrates that the player or user is not only good at the game and knows what to do, but also capable of completing the activity and gathering the information. Players that are capable of implementing low actions per minute, on the other hand, are those who are just starting. This type of player is simply incompetent at gameplay.

How Do You Increase Actions Per Minute? Or How Can You Improve Your APM?

Beginners should strive for 40 to 60 APMs, while professionals should aim for 800 APMs to establish new records. If you’re a newbie seeking to upgrade or boost your game actions per minute, concentrate on your keyboard more, and play more games like StarCraft. It will undoubtedly improve your typing speed and efficiency. StarCraft2 has the greatest Actions per minute of any game and playing it can help you boost your APM.


Moreover, follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks to get better:

  • Eat properly, have plenty of rest, and stay hydrated. Get up and then take a walk.
  • Walk briskly, communicate quickly, and endeavor to think ahead.
  • Put in as much practice time as you can. This is the key that will allow you to access and unlock the wealth of success. This tip is considered a master method by all professionals.
  • Get in the habit of doing numerous things at once.
  • Sit on a flat surface, don’t press down on the mouse, and don’t have a firm grip on it.
  • Choose a quiet setting to keep your thoughts from wandering.
  • Change your major goal at work to “save time” rather than “get things done.”

What’s The Average Action Per Minute In Dotabuff?

Dotabuff is one of the most well-known Dota 2 communities, catering to both newbies and experienced ones. They provide a hell of a lot of Dota2 knowledge. As a consequence, even skilled and rookie players can benefit from them.


With DotabuffPlus, my average APM in most Dotabuff games is about 220-290. Around 300 games have been released in the last several years. Lasthits accounts for a significant percentage of the APM since, like other gamers, it employs “Cancel current action” with S to secure creep kills.

How Many Actions Can You Do In A Minute?

Have you ever heard the idiom “the more you sweat, the more you get”? If you answered yes, you are qualified to answer this question. The more energy you put into your game and the more sincerely you play, the more enjoyable the results will be.


Actions per minute, abbreviated as APM, is a metric used in video games to represent the overall number of actions that a player may perform in a minute, especially in tactics and fighting games. Some competitive gaming players can have APMs of 300 or beyond which is appreciable.


Training AMP is simply merely to free up your mind so you can concentrate on the game’s genuine strategy. You need to increase your finger speed to boost your APM. On a training map, there are a few things you can do to maximize your speed. Take your race’s most micro-demanding unit and micro it for as long as you can.

What Is Considered High Actions Per Minute?

The fastest actions per minute considered these days are more than 400. Some pros and masters exceed this limit too and make about 800 APM which is impressive.

Is The Desktop APM Test Safe?

The answer is a big YES. Do not fret about the virus. It is utterly safe to use and easy to handle.

What Affects The APM?

The accuracy of the APM tester is the most crucial facet. When it comes to mouse clicks and keystrokes, precision is extremely important. The more the gamer clicks on the right locations, the more accurate it will be. As a result, the player will be able to reach the highest number of actions per minute.


Now I’d like to add to the preceding topic by stating that practicing action per minute before starting a game is a smart option. We do a warm-up before starting the workout, similarly, do an APM tester before starting any click test or game to get appreciable results. It assists you in staying focused, staying motivated, and battling. The critical parameters, such as precision, practice, and the measure of hours you devote to this test, all hold a crucial influence in becoming a master in the gaming industry.

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