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Where to Take an Accurate CPS Test?

Where To Take Accurate CPS Test?

CPS test: Clicks per second is a simple and easy test that trains a person on how to click faster.

It aims at improving a gamer’s clicking speed as it is the basic expertise that a gamer needs to win the game. It can also be represented as a mouse clicking technique as it revolves around the ability to click as many times as possible in some seconds.

This click speed test focuses on the mouse grip and hand movement in creating maximum number of clicks in seconds.

The clicking speed test entails different speed tests such as:

Advantages of CPS:

Every game has a specific requirement that a player needs to fulfill in order to win the best place in his chosen game.

This CPS test basically trains a person to acquire the skill of a maximum number of clicks made on the mouse which enables a gamer to win the game. On this platform, the gamer is made to train himself so that when it comes to actually taking part in the game, he’s already proficient at making a large number of clicks on the mouse button.

What Number Of Clicks Is Considered Fast?

An average person can make 6.4 number of clicks in a single second. It usually depends on how much practice a person has been doing. The more a person practices, the more clicks he will get in a very short time.

Evaluation Before Taking The Test:

Every person has some abilities and some shortcomings. Before taking the CPS test, a person should ponder on all the shortcomings that hinder winning the game. An average person can make up to 6 clicks in one second, by focusing on his shortcomings and overcoming them, a person can improve and can make more with practice.

Method Of Taking CPS Test:

  • First of all, Visit TheClickSpeed websites that offer click per second test and then open it,
  • You will see some blocks and Clicker counters representing the number of clicks you will make, the timer representing the number of seconds, and in some cases the frequency of clicks made.
  • After clicking on the START button, the timer will start ticking and you need to click on the mouse button as fast as you can.
  • After a given time (Say 10 seconds), the timer will stop, giving you the number of clicks you have made during that time.

How Can We Take The CPS Test Well?

The Internet can prove to be one of the best sources to learn. There are many sites that offer great platforms to train ourselves to increase our clicking speed such as

  • Jitter clicking
  • Drag clicking
  • Butterfly clicking
  • Auto clicking

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The World Record For Highest Number Of Clicks In 5 Seconds?

The world record for the highest number of clicks ever made in 5 seconds were recorded as 15.4.

How Do You Hold Your Mouse In Drag Clicking?

During drag clicking, a person is supposed to hold the mouse in his hand with his thumb on one side of the mouse while the small and ring finger on the other. The front and the middle finger is used to drag on the mouse button.

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